‘Young And The Restless’ Update: Did CBS Reveal Adam Is Returning And Which Actor Is Portraying Him?

Ever since the character of Adam Newman was recently presumed dead and actor Justin Hartley moved on to the successful new NBC drama This Is Us, there has been speculation if Hartley would return or if the previous Adam Newman, fan favorite Michael Muhney would be returning. Could a feature in the CBS Soaps in Depth as well as some potentially revealing tweets by Michael Muhney disclose that the actor is indeed finally returning back to the popular CBS soap as the mercurial Adam Newman? Do fans of Muhney finally have the evidence that he is indeed returning to the show as Adam Newman?

Longtime fans know that Muhney portrayed the charismatic and dangerous Adam until three years ago, when he was suddenly removed from the show. Radar Online had posted that Hunter King, who portrayed Adam’s niece, Summer, accused the actor of groping her on two occasions. They allege that she threatened to seek legal council if he was not fired. CBS was said to respond that if she was indeed assaulted, she needed to report this to the police. Muhney was fired and no legal action was taken.

Fans were heartbroken. Muhney had taken the one-dimensional character of Adam and created a complex man that dealt with many personal demons endearing him to fans and the female characters on the show. He was like his father, Viktor Newman, but he always wanted to be pure, like his deceased mother Hope.

Muhney never addressed rumors of his dismissal. He just expressed his grief at leaving a job that he loved.

“I’m so sorry. It breaks my heart to say this, but I was just let go from Y&R. My last day on set is this Thursday.”

Hartley eventually joined the soap and took the role and made it his own. Then, recently, Adam was presumed dead and with Hartley going to the new series, fans started to wonder if perhaps there was a chance that the fan favorite Muhney would return.

It sounds like he is! The soap magazine posted an article entitled “The Young & The Restless’ Michael Muhney Shares His Trip to Chicago to Root For the Cubs in the World Series — See His Amazing Pics!” Featured in the piece is a collection of photos that the actor posted on his Twitter account which included photos of his tickets, where he grew up and his grandparents who were lifelong Cubs fans. The piece introduces Muhney as “ex-Adam.” Yet, the article doesn’t say anything about Michael Muhney returning to the show.

While, the Cubs playing in the World Series is a great story and at the time of this article, the Cubs had their backs against the wall and only a few loyal fans thought that this team ever had a chance. This was obviously meant as a way to bring Muhney back into the fold. As Showbiz411 stated, “They wouldn’t be featuring an actor with whom they had legal disagreements.” They also pointed out that only recently in the past few months, since Muhney left Y&R in 2013, that they have featured him.

Then, the clinchers: Muhney’s tweets. On November 2, the actor expressed his euphoria at the Cubs finally winning the World Series. And then he hints at more happiness going on with the actor.

“I’m euphoric. There will be more big wonderful things happening soon. Life is so good. #CubsWin.”

Before that, on October 21, Muhney acknowledged all of the fans that have been moved by his work and that continue to support him. This is unusual for Muhney. He usually tweets about his charities, biking, his biking accidents, and TBT posts from his Y&R days. Could this tweet hint that fan support is what has propelled him back to the show?

“My heart swells that so many of you folks have been so moved by my work. Your enthusiasm to see more of my work is truly humbling. Thank you.”

Are you a fan of Michael Muhney and hope he is returning to the Young and the Restless? Are you following the actor on Twitter?

[Featured Image by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]