ISIS Shreds Prisoner With Artillery Gun In Sick Video Execution

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) released another atrocity-laden video to the internet this week, this time depicting a helpless prisoner being executed with a gun normally used to fire at military vehicles, aircraft, and buildings. The prisoner, supposedly a member of the New Syrian Army, is literally torn to pieces under the hail of gunfire.

The Sun reported this week that ISIS uploaded a video to the internet condemning the presence of American troops in Iraq, just as the U.S.-supported Iraqi forces, along with the Kurdish Peshmerga, Turkish troops, and various allied militia groups, tighten their siege on Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city and the capital of ISIS’ territory in Iraq. The video shows numerous scenes of fighting (including clips supposedly taken from combat footage of American soldiers), prefaced by a clip of President Barack Obama stating how there were no American combat troops in Iraq. It also shows two men alleged to be members of the New Syrian Army (of which ISIS claims to have a list), a faction of the Syrian Army that defected to fight ISIS and drive them out of Syria, that are summarily beheaded.

Beheading is a traditional execution method in the Middle East. However, the method is looked upon as barbaric in the West, although the vast numbers of beheadings by ISIS over the past few years — not to mention the videos of those beheadings — have ceased to have a shock value. So, for the desensitized and those that might see beheadings as ordinary, ISIS seems to occasionally prepare heinous methods of execution by which to continue to instill shock for its propaganda. And sometimes they capture it on video and post it online.

The latest video concludes with ISIS members leading a lone prisoner, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, out into an open courtyard. Also accused of being a member of the New Syrian Army, the young man is forced to kneel as two ISIS members roll out in a jeep mounted with an artillery gun. They open fire on the prisoner, the large-caliber bullets quickly tearing him apart.

The ISIS video is said to have been recorded in the “Wilaya al-Furat”on the Euphrates River bordering Syria and Iraq. The area is currently under ISIS control.

As noted, blowing apart a man with an artillery gun is just the latest execution method used by the Islamic State. The Inquisitr has reported on the organization’s prior atrocities, which include burning prisoners alive, lowering them (also alive) into burning vats of tar and a pool of nitric acid, and slaughtering them by using a chainsaw.

ISIS propaganda videos have never steered away from the gruesome, including one where they executed a prisoner with a bazooka. [Image by FabrikiaSimf/Shutterstock]

The unfortunate young man in the ISIS video isn’t the first to be blown apart by the extremists, either, although using an artillery weapon to do so might be a first. In a similar vein, though, a video of a man bursting into flames as he was executed with a bazooka was posted by ISIS in May, 2015, according to the Daily Mail.

The Islamic State has been no stranger to posting propaganda videos showing prisoners being graphically blown apart in various ways. [Image by Prazis/Shutterstock]

Back in September 2015, a video of two prisoners being executed by blowing them up with dynamite was uploaded to the internet. As The Mirror reported, the men, accused of spying on the Islamic State, were forced to watch the fuse as it burned its way toward their deaths.

Heavy reported a month before on a graphic video claimed by ISIS that depicted the killing of 10 so-called “apostates” in a region called Khorasan (which includes territory in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India). In the video, the 10 men, accused of being followers of the Taliban, were bracketed by armed fighters and forced to kneel. The ISIS extremists can be seen suddenly running away from the group of kneeling men, seconds before a bomb was detonated beneath them, killing all ten.

[Featured Image by Prazis/Shutterstock]

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