Nicki Minaj ‘Comforting’ Drake After Rihanna Split, Is Meek Mill Jealous?

Nicki Minaj has allegedly been “comforting” Drake following his recent break up with Rihanna, but could their friendship be causing drama for Nicki and boyfriend Meek Mill?

According to reports, Nicki has been a shoulder to cry on for Drake after he and Rihanna called it quits earlier this month, despite Drake and Meek’s past feud and amid claims the rapper is “infatuated” with her.

Hollywood Life is reporting that Minaj has been “comforting” Drake as the “Hotline Bling” rapper once again adjusts to the single life and has supposedly been complimenting the musician as rumors swirl that he wants to start dating her.

“Nicki was a little sad hearing Drake pout and decided to comfort him,” a source alleged to the site of how Minaj has been attempting to lift Drake’s spirits as insiders revealed that the rapper actually wants to start dating her.

Drake & Nicki Minaj
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The insider also claimed to the site that Nicki has been “calling him babe” and “telling him he’s such a good man” as the dating allegations hit the headlines despite her having dated Meek, who’s got into numerous feuds with Drake, for the past two years.

But while it appears that Nicki’s “comforting” is purely platonic, sources have been alleging that Drake is actually looking to start dating Minaj after his split with Rihanna, despite her not being single.

“Nicki has always spoiled Drake and that’s why he’s so attached to her,” Hollywood Life revealed of why Drake is such a fan of Nicki and is allegedly looking to start dating her. “[Minaj] is doing the most and telling him everything he wants to hear.”

The site even alleged earlier this month that Drake’s love of Nicki could have been one of the biggest factors in Drake’s break up with Rihanna, as the gossip site reported that the rapper and the popstar reportedly fought over his “infatuation” with Minaj towards the end of their relationship after dating exclusively for several months.

Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill
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Though Rihanna, Drake, and Nicki Minaj have not spoken out regarding the allegations, Hollywood Life claimed earlier this month that Rihanna allegedly grew “jealous” that the rapper constantly discussed his and Minaj’s raps and how well they worked together in the studio on their numerous duets.

According to an insider, Drake and Rihanna “had an argument about Nicki because Drake kept rapping the lyrics” to his and Minaj’s hits and supposedly kept telling the “This Is What You Came For Singer” that he and Minaj “are magical when they’re on a track together.”

“Drake could never look at Rihanna and tell her that he’s in love with Nicki too,” added the source of how the rapper spoke about Minaj while stilling dating the singer, claiming that Rihanna grew “jealous” of his Minaj gushing, though the report has not been confirmed by the threesome.

But if Hollywood Life’s source are to be believed, it’s not just Rihanna who allegedly grew jealous of Rihanna and Drake’s friendly relationship.

The site also claimed that Meek isn’t exactly the biggest fan of Minaj and Drake’s friendship following during their feud and allegedly asked Nicki not to attend Drake’s recent 30th birthday party as the dating rumors swirled.

Both Nicki and Rihanna were noticeably absent from Drake’s party on October 24, though an insider claimed that Minaj was in fact invited to the bash but opted not to attend for the sake of her relationship with Mill, who she’s reportedly been dating for more than two years.

“She wanted to attend and party with him and help him turn 30,” the site reported, claiming that Nicki decided to skip the A-List event for fears that Mill would be upset after being locked in numerous nasty feuds with Drake.

“They had a fight about it,” an insider told the site of the drama Drake’s party caused for Nicki and Meek. “In the end though, she didn’t want to hurt Meek’s feelings,” the source continued, adding that Nicki allegedly also felt that Drake could get a little “touch-feely” with her if she attended as the dating rumors hit the headlines.

What do you think of reports claiming that Drake has been comforted by Nicki Minaj following his breakup with Rihanna?

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