Skylar Neese: ‘Suspicion’ To Air Star City Murder Of Missing Teen On Investigation Discovery, Killed By Best Friends Rachel Loaf And Shelia Eddy

The case of Skylar Neese is a sad case out of Star City, West Virginia. It was there that 16-year-old Skylar Neese disappeared from her home during the night. Her dead body was later found in the woods in a rural section of Pennsylvania. The murder, which occurred four years ago, will be profiled on ID’s television crime series, Suspicion. Her parents might appear on the show alongside law enforcement officials who worked the case. The Suspicion episode featuring Skylar Neese’s case is titled “A Daughter Disappears.”

Suspicion: “A Daughter Disappears” on Investigation Discovery (ID)

When a teen vanishes from her bedroom in the night, her disappearance leaves detectives and her parents mystified. But, when the missing teen’s dead body is finally found and listed as a homicide, it sends shock waves through a local high school, where students learn that the killers have been lurking among them the entire time.

Star City, West Virginia, Teen Disappears 2012

The body of Skylar Neese was found in January 2013, nearly six months after she originally disappeared. Her mother had last seen her before bed and believed that she was sleeping through the night. However, the next morning, she discovered that Skylar had snuck out of her bedroom window. Video surveillance captured the very moment that she climbed out of the window and into a car, according to the Daily Mail.

Perhaps, Skylar Neese had done that many times before since the bedroom window was found slightly opened, indicating that she had intended to come back home. But this time, Skylar didn’t return home. It sent a wave of fear and shock through her parents, who had tried to search for her in the weeks and months after she vanished.

Killer Classmates

An autopsy determined that Skylar Neese had been brutally stabbed around 50 times. Whoever had done it was driven by a torrent of anger, it seemed. The victim was found near a creek bed. Dirt and tree branches lay on top of the body. How she ended up there remained a mystery for the next several months.

Police were able to find out the make and model of the car that picked up Skylar Reese outside of her bedroom window. It was traced back to Shelia Eddy, a close friend of the victim. She denied knowing what happened to Skylar after she dropped her off. Despite her denial, detectives were pretty sure that the answer to what happened to Skylar Neese could be found among the student body. It turns out that they were right, and a frightening scenario came together.

According to ABC News, Rachel Loaf eventually told detectives that she and Shelia Eddy convinced Skylar to hang out with them for a night of joy riding. Here is what next according to True Crime Obsession.

“About a half-hour after midnight, Skylar climbed from her bedroom window into the back seat of the car, and the three girls headed north from Star City on U.S. Route 19. They eventually arrived at their destination: a long, heavily wooded dirt road across the the Pennsylvania border, where the girls would occasionally smoke marijuana. Shelia and Rachel brought with them kitchen knives, which they concealed on their bodies.”

“Once the girls were out of the car and Skylar had turned her back to the other two, Rachel began counting to three – a premeditated signal – at which point she and Shelia began stabbing Skylar. Skylar attempted to run but didn’t make it very far; Rachel tackled her to the ground and continued stabbing her. Although Skylar managed to grab Rachel’s knife and attempted to defend herself, she died after suffering over fifty stab wounds.”

Deadly Betrayal

What makes the crime particularly heinous is that Skylar Neese and Shelia Eddy were childhood best friends. The relationship became complicated after Rachel Loaf entered the picture. Skylar, who had been confused about why her friends were suddenly turning against her, later realized that Shelia Eddy and Rachel Loaf were lovers.

Sheila Eddy, also known as Shelia Eddy, and Rachel Loaf killed her because they no longer liked her. Skylar’s death is a cautionary tale about betrayal and broken trust among friends. It also helped bring about changes in the Amber Alert system. Shelia Eddy and Rachel Loaf are currently in prison.

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Watch Suspicion tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery. Last week’s suspicion was about Christopher Alan Brown, a little boy who was murdered by his stepmother and thrown into the Flint River.

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