Blue Jays Fan Who Allegedly Threw Full Beer At Orioles Outfielder Hyun-Soo Kim Gets Canned

Ken Pagan, the Toronto Blue Jays fan who allegedly threw a full can of beer at Baltimore Orioles outfielder Hyun-Soo Kim in the seventh inning of the American League (AL) Wild-card game, now finds himself canned from his job at a media company. Pagan was charged with mischief after Toronto police identified Pagan with security footage. Police had widely distributed the photo of Pagan on social media until Pagan turned himself into police.

That Ken Pagan could throw a beer on a player on the field during a game sparked a new conversation about sporting events and security. This year at the U.S. Open, the new retractable ceiling at Arthur Ashe gave the USTA just one more reason to increase security, says the Inquisitr. Before the U.S. Open even started this year, there was an alleged kidnapping attempt at the meet and greet, causing the venue to increase security and security footage.

The Globe and Mail confirm that Ken Pagan, who worked as a sports editor, is no longer employed in his position at Postmedia, according to spokeswoman Georgia Sourtzis.

“Ken Pagan has left Postmedia.”

Ken Pagan is charged with mischief and has a court date on November 10th. Though previously, Postmedia said they were conducting their own internal investigation, they now say they won’t discuss employment information. Sources close to the incident have confirmed that Pagan was terminated and has hired Ben Millard, an employment lawyer, to take his case.


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Howard Levitt, who is also an employment lawyer and who has no part in this case, says that employers don’t want to be associated with employees who exhibit bad behavior, and especially not as publicly embarrassing as the Pagan incident.

“It was inevitable because no employer is going to retain an employee who’s a public embarrassment.”

Ken Pagan is facing criminal charges, lost his job, and is now banned from the Rogers Centre, according to Rogers Centre spokesman Sebastian Gatica. It has also come up that after throwing the beer can, Pagan used racial slurs towards Kim and Orioles outfielder Adam Jones.

Toronto Mayor John Tory called Pagan a “loon ball,” and the Toronto Sun, which is owned by Postmedia, offered a $1,000 reward to anyone who could identify the beer can thrower. After being identified, Ken Pagan gave the classic answer “wasn’t me.”

“I was drinking out of a cup. I’d love to tell you what happened and my story … but I can’t say anything.”

Ken Pagan, 41, who is said to be a sports,, and baseball enthusiast, in particular, is said to have thrown the can of beer at the Orioles outfielder just as he was making a catch, narrowly missing him, says the Huffington Post. In true Canadian style, the Toronto police released a photo of Pagan, with the label “unsportsmanlike.”

This incident has caused Rogers Centre to rethink their beer policy, and for the rest of the post-season, beer will only be served in cups, which means no cans and no bottles.

USA Today spoke with Orioles outfielder Adam Jones who said the whole event was disgusting when he returned to Baltimore.

“That’s about as pathetic as it gets. You don’t do that. I don’t care how passionate you are. Yell. Cuss. Scream. Say we suck. We’re horrible. We get it. We’re the opponent. We completely understand that.”

Jones expressed that he was just happy that the can didn’t connect with Kim.

“I hope they find the guy and press charges. He’s not looking. You could hit him in the back of the head and you have no idea what could happen. That’s a full beer that’s being thrown.”

Do you think Ken Pagan should go to jail if he is found guilty?

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