WWE News: Eric Young Makes NXT Debut With New Faction SAnitY

The Eric Young NXT debut finally happened, and it took place during a huge moment on the weekly show on the WWE Network. This was the second appearance of Eric Young, a former TNA Impact Wrestling world champion, but is the first since he agreed to an official WWE deal. WWE.com reported that the debut also introduced a new faction in NXT called SAnitY.

The promos for SAnitY have been airing for a few weeks now on NXT television with no information about what the entire SAnitY deal was all about. SAnitY was entered into the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament, so many thought it was the name of a new tag team. However, by the time they arrived, the truth became known that it is a faction with four members.

The SAnitY lineup includes two repackaged WWE NXT wrestlers in Sawyer Fulton and Alexander Wolfe, and those were the wrestlers competing in the tag team tournament. The other two members are female wrestler Nikki Cross and the NXT debut of Eric Young. While the faction said nothing, it is easy to believe that Eric Young is their leader.

The Eric Young NXT debut is just the latest former member of TNA Impact Wrestling to make the jump to the WWE. AJ Styles is the current WWE World Champion, Samoa Joe is the number one contender for the NXT title, Austin Aries is climbing the ranks of NXT, and Bobby Roode was actually one of the two men that SAnitY faced in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament, although he walked out on his partner.

Eric Young and Bobby Roode are TNA originals, both former members of Team Canada in the early days of the promotion. Both men went on to hold the TNA World Championship, as did Styles, Samoa Joe, and Aries. Out of all those names, Eric Young was the least likely to reach the top.

While a solid in-ring wrestler, Eric Young was always used as a comedy wrestler throughout his TNA Impact Wrestling career. However, late in his career there, Eric Young got the chance to win the world title and then developed a mean streak and became an unhinged crazed wrestler. He was at his most successful during that period, and the Eric Young NXT debut looks like it will continue his unhinged personality that he mastered so well.

Outside of the Eric Young NXT debut, this is a nice elevation of some WWE developmental talents. Sawyer Fulton has been signed with the WWE since 2012 who made sporadic appearances but never gained a meaningful role. He started teaming with Alexander Wolfe earlier this year. Wolfe signed on with the WWE in 2015.

Nikki Cross is a Scottish female wrestler who wrestled in the indies from 2008 through 2015 for ICW, Shimmer, and Global Force Wrestling. The Mirror reported that Cross competed in the TNA Impact Wrestling British Boot Camp 2, but she failed to win. Nikki Cross signed with WWE NXT Wrestling in April of this year.


The Eric Young NXT debut is huge for the former TNA Impact Wrestling star. For too many years, Eric Young was seen as just comedy in the ring, and he has a chance to build upon his new aggressive persona that he developed as a world champion. With a new faction in SAnitY, Eric Young also has a chance to make a mark outside of the ring as well.

[Featured Image via WWE]