Ben Higgins, Lauren Bushnell Talk Future Plans, New Show, Tense Moments: Will There Be A Wedding Soon?

Former Bachelor Ben Higgins and fiance Lauren Bushnell became a fan favorite couple when Ben proposed to her last season at the final rose ceremony. Every relationship has challenges, but Ben and Lauren’s may have a few other issues to deal with due to the situation in which they met. Fans know that Higgins told two women he loved them on The Bachelor last season, JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell. Fletcher left with a broken heart, but since has moved on and has completed her own journey as The Bachelorette and fell in love with Jordan Rodgers. Ben and Lauren’s new reality series, Happily Ever After, premiered last night on Freeform and Lauren opened up about exactly how she is feeling towards JoJo.

Episode 1, titled Moving On, highlighted Ben and Lauren’s decision to attend The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose special in Los Angeles. Lauren was reluctant to go, but after advice from pals Emily and Haley Ferguson, she decided it might be okay. When Ben and Lauren arrived it was awkward and fans could tell how uncomfortable the couple was sitting in the audience. Moments before taking their seats Lauren admitted to Ben she wished they were back in Denver and not at the show. When the show was over, next up was lunch with the new couple. The whole experience was pretty intense for Lauren and Ben.

The Hollywood Reporter shared an interview with Ben and Lauren in which they addressed their feelings about JoJo further. The premiere episode of Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? left fans at the end of the show with the couple heading out to meet JoJo and her new fiance Jordan for lunch. Lauren said it made her very uncomfortable. How does she feel today? Lauren admitted that had it been a week after everything happened she would not be comfortable being in a room with just her and Ben. Bushnell has said that now, in present time, she would be totally comfortable with the three of them together. It looks like everyone is finally on the road to moving on.

With the past behind them, what plans do Higgins and Bushnell have for the future? Lauren moved into Ben’s Denver home in April and has since remodeled a little to make the house feel more like home to her. Aside from decorating and living together, the big question fans are asking now is if Lauren and Ben are planning their wedding. In an intense preview of what’s to come this season on Happily Ever After, Higgins and Bushnell are seen crying as it appears to lead fans to believe Ben is calling off the wedding. Ben says the wedding is a big part of the season so he cannot discuss what exactly is going on just yet. Ben said, “When it comes to me calling the wedding off, I can’t really speak on that at this point. But our life is, right now, really focused on fighting those big battles. We’re very happy. We’re doing very well and I guess I’ll leave it at that.”

US Weekly shared details that while Ben and Lauren are not quite ready to get married, they are enjoying their time together. Lauren goes on to say,”Life has been so crazy that I think if we start to think [about airing a wedding special], we get a little overwhelmed, and we’re just finishing up this project.” Bushnell went on to say that details about where they are at as far as wedding planning will all be revealed this season on the show. She said, “For now, we’re just enjoying each other’s company and trying not to think too far ahead into the future.”

Higgins added that they want their wedding planning to be fun and not seem like a chore. So while they do not have a date, dress or other details nailed down just yet, Ben did say, “I’m going to be marrying Lauren!”

There may not be set wedding details in place yet, but that didn’t stop Ben and Lauren from celebrating their Bachelor/Bachelorette parties early in Las Vegas. US Weekly shared details and photos of the parties. They were joined in Vegas by some of their fellow Bachelor co-stars who have become close friends. Perhaps this is a sign that the wedding isn’t as far off as we think!

Ben’s time as The Bachelor ended successfully and now it is Nick Viall’s turn to find love again on Season 21. Nick’s season is currently filming and will wrap up in November. The new season of The Bachelor will air in January 2017 on ABC.

[Featured Image by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]