‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Tanner Tolbert Calls Wife Jade Roper A ‘Lethargic Slob’ On ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Season 6

Things are getting ugly between Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert.

The former Bachelor in Paradise stars, who married after meeting on the show, are seeking help for their crumbling relationship on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

On the latest episode, Tanner called out his wife for being a “lethargic slob.”


Will they salvage what’s left of their relationship or are they doomed?

Life & Style Magazine is reporting that Tanner and Jade sat down with Judge Lynn Toler to discuss the problems in their marriage.

Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper got married almost a year ago on live TV. [Image by ABC]

While they put on a good front for the public, the situation behind-the-scenes is starting to fall apart.

“Jade doesn’t do s**t,” Tanner tells Toler, later adding that Jade is a “lethargic slob.”

The bashing didn’t stop there.

“You don’t have a ton of value as a teammate in our marriage,” Tanner told her.

Understandably, Tanner’s hurtful words made Jade burst out in tears.

“You make me feel like all I am is my weaknesses,” she replied.

The conversation then turned to domestic responsibilities, with Tanner claiming that Jade doesn’t even do her own laundry.

According to Hollywood Life, Jade tried to put a nice spin on Tanner’s comments but he was having none of it.

“When you marry someone the load should get easier, as there are two people trying to achieve the same goal. Right now I feel that not only did my plate stay the same I feel that more s**t got dumped onto it,” he told her.

Based on the couple’s conversation, it’s safe to say that their marriage is on the rocks, a little over a year after falling in love on Bachelor in Paradise and getting married live on TV.

That being said, Jade remains adamant that they are just being real and they love each other greatly.

“I think people kind of have this idea that you go on The Bachelor and you have this perfect relationship, but we’re normal, just like everyone else, and we have our issues,” she explained in an interview with People. “All of our relationship has already been on television, so why can’t we be good role models by showing [the full picture]? Like hey, we do love each other and we do have issues and we’re here to work them out, just like everyone else!”

Despite Jade’s optimism, fans will see their relationship pushed to the brink in the coming episode of Marriage Boot Camp.

In fact, Daily Mail reports that Jade hinted at a possible divorce after Tanner told her that their marriage isn’t what he “hoped for.”

“This is where I say that maybe you shouldn’t be a married person because now you are just making me feel like a burden,” Jade hit back.

“You are not a burden, maybe you should not be a married person as you are not helping your marriage partner,” he replied.

Yikes! It sounds like things couldn’t be worse for the couple.

Tanner and Jade first met on the set of Bachelor in Paradise back in 2015.

Things got off to a great start for the couple, who ended up exchanging vows in front of a televised audience.

Their recent interactions on Marriage Boot Camp come as a surprise to many fans who viewed them as one of the most adored Bachelor couples.

Apparently, part of Tanner and Jade’s problems go back to his childhood and a difficult decision he had to make at 14-years-old.

“He had to make some really grown-up decisions and so it really carries over to everything him and Jade do. I think they have the deepest issues, but I just root for them,” the couple’s therapist, Dr. Ish Major explained. “I like the idea of them together.”

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs Friday nights on WEtv, check out the preview for Season 6 below.

Watch Tanner propose to Jade on Bachelor in Paradise in the clip below.

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