‘Enchanted 2’ Confirmed: What We Know So Far

Many were charmed by Enchanted when it was first released in 2007. The film, which featured Alan Menken’s impressive tracks, earned more than $340 million worldwide. With its positive reviews, it isn’t surprising that Disney considered making a sequel to relive the film’s magic.

What happened in Enchanted?

The film revolves around Princess Giselle who lives in the animated world of Andalasia. She thinks she finally found her “happily ever after” with Prince Edward. However, before getting married, the prince’s stepmother, Queen Narissa, sent her to the “real world” that’s devoid of magic. Giselle ends up being in New York City where she meets and falls in love with single father Robert. She decides to stay to build a new life with him and his daughter Morgan.

Amy Adams smiles in Enchanted movie
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The director is confirmed

Speculations have previously surfaced that Adam Shankman of Hairspray would direct the film. The rumors have been confirmed by Shankman himself.

He will continue the work of Kevin Lima. Apart from Hairspray, Shankman has also lent his skills to the theatrical adaptation of Rock of Ages. He also directed several films such as Bedtime Stories, The Wedding Planner, The Pacifier, and A Walk to Remember. Shankman is an experienced choreographer, too, which makes him a great fit for the upcoming musical.

Anne Fletcher of Step Up was initially in talks to direct the sequel, but Disney appeared to have chosen a new direction.

The title is witty

It is believed that Enchanted 2 will officially be titled as Disenchanted. The sequel will again feature both New York City and Andalasia. Filming will reportedly commence in the summer of 2017.

Enchanted film poster
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The story will pick up 10 years later

It will reportedly pick up a decade after the happenings in the first movie. In the upcoming sequel, Giselle will start questioning her life. As the title suggests, some things might turn upside down.

Amy Adams is still eager to be on board

The lead star of the film has no plans to abandon it. Earlier this year, Adams told E! Online that she’s delighted about Disney’s decision to continue the film. “I really embrace and look forward to what they do and hope to be involved,” she gushed. Adams likewise joked that she hasn’t aged a day after the first film’s release.

Amy Adams in Enchanted
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In a previous interview with Entertainment Weekly, Adams explained what prompted her to be involved in the film.

“I loved the story that they were telling. Just how good [Giselle] was. I love playing characters who have big hearts and really believe in something. I’ve been in a lot of smaller films that weren’t appropriate to take my niece and nephew to, so I needed a movie to get to bring them to. I come from a musical theater background, and it was so much fun to get to do that.”

James Marsden is excited too

The actor has been looking forward to a sequel since 2011. He told E! News that he doesn’t understand why Disney did not do the sequel (there were no definite plans yet that time) because Enchanted “was a very successful movie.”

“At some point when the gray hairs start coming, you can’t really play the quintessential animated prince anymore. Amy and I were like, ‘If we’re going to do it, we should do it before we’re 40.'”

James is now 43 while Amy is 42. Fans must have their fingers crossed that the two will still choose to reprise their roles.

Idina Menzel might just consider singing in the film

Prior to being associated with Frozen’s “Let It Go,” Idina appeared on the film but did not sing. The Broadway star previously said that creating Enchanted was an “amazing process” and that “it’s cool to see yourself animated.”

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