‘Pawn Stars’ Update: Chumlee Gets A New Family Member, Rick Rides For Charity, But Where Is The ‘Old Man’?

Finally, Pawn Stars has begun filming their 14th season at the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. But, before the cameras got rolling, what have our favorite History Channel stars been up to during their off time?

Thanks to social media, we know Chumlee has added a new family member to his household and shared some of his insights into relationships as well as what is going down at his new home. Rick Harrison has been quite philanthropic, raising a lot of money for charities and meeting and greeting fans along the way.

We all know about Corey Harrison’s new house and recent engagement that was a feature in a recent Inquisitr piece. That leaves us with the “old man.” The big question is what has been going on with Richard Harrison, Rick’s father and Corey’s grandfather? Ready to catch up with everyone’s favorite Pawn Stars?

Moving past his headline grabbing legal troubles from earlier this year, Pawn Stars favorite Austin Lee Russell, better known as Chumlee, has recently added an adorable new member to his family! Welcome Pinky, Chum’s new doggie! Just a few weeks ago, the affable reality start posted a reflective selfie with the cute little gold and white fluff ball. She obviously loves to sit on daddy’s chest.

It looks like Pinky already has some older siblings. Back in June, Chumlee posted another adorable selfie with his other baby on Instagram. These photos show a more softer side of Chumlee, totally different from the jokester, hard bargaining pawn broker we regularly see on Pawn Stars.

Life appears to be back to normal for Chumlee. He has been active on social media talking about his fantasy football picks. As Inquisitr previously reported, he has been busy making charity appearances all summer. Chum has been taking photos, signing autographs and even going out to lunch with fans who have come out to see him, with many donating to specific charitable causes.

This summer, Chumlee mentioned that he was downsizing his house to take advantage of the seller’s market. His new house is getting quite the remodel and Chum has been sharing photos on his Instagram page.

His funniest post of late has been a little statement about playing jokes in a relationship. Is it possible that Chumlee has reveled that his jokes are not as well received as he would like?

Rick Harrison has had a busy summer. Besides Pawn Plaza, Rick recently had his annual poker run to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation. Participants take their motorcycles to four different locations and get a poker card. The person with the best hand wins. The person with the worst hand also gets a prize. Before the event, Harrison had told KTNV that he hoped that Chumlee and Corey would show up, but it does not appear from station photos that they were able to make it. In addition, Chumlee indicated on his Twitter page that he was visiting his brother out of town. This event made nearly $100,000 for the charity, for the third year in a row.

Now, the big question is where has the “old man,” Richard Harrison been? Now in his mid-70s, the elder Mr. Harrison is not on social media and has been mostly out of the limelight. Originally, it appeared that he would be participating at the Brooklyn Bowl on October 13, along with Corey, Rick and Chumlee per the Instagram post on Corey’s page. This event is a dinner with the stars of Pawn Stars, a charity event to raise money for Scleroderma Research Foundation.

Yet, on the official website of of the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, this image has been altered, with the old man removed and instead of “Would you like to have dinner with these guys?” the wording has been changed to “Would you like to have dinner with Rick, Corey & Chum?”

There is no explanation as to why the eldest Harrison is not participating in this event. It could have initially been a mistake that his image was included in the advertisement. He is now in his mid-70s and surely, he deserves to kick up his feet and relax a bit. There has been no indication nor report of any sort of illness, injury or other malady. Hopefully, the absence of the old man can be simply explained that he is finally enjoying his golden years.

As for now, how about another look at Pinky! How can you resist?

How about some camouflage for Pinky! She is playing with her toys. Absolutely adorable!

What do you think of Chumlee’s new fluffy addition? Are you looking forward to the new season of Pawn Stars? Are you concerned about the old man?

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

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