Did Camila Cabello Just Slam Demi Lovato For Being Disrespectful To Fans?

Demi Lovato appears to have been put on serious blast by fans who claimed she was rude and disrespectful to an artist who created a piece of fan art for her, while Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello also appears to be throwing a little shade her way.

According to Pop Crave, Demi was slammed by her followers and Camila after Lovato publicly criticized a piece of fan art uploaded to Instagram by a fan.

Pop Crave uploaded a screen capture of the pencil drawing, which shows Lovato drawn to look like a mermaid, alongside Demi’s candid caption in which she called out the artist for what she claimed was an unrealistic portrayal of her body.

“Is that how boobs should look?” Lovato wrote in the comments section of the photo uploaded to the social media site by Instagram user @vladyart, who described himself on Instagram as a 17-year-old male artist from Romania.

“It’s gorgeous but that’s not my body,” Demi added.

You can check out the NSFW artwork on Twitter.

The artist then hit back at Lovato’s comments on the social media site, noting that he purposefully drew Demi in that style to “accentuate” the fact that she was a mermaid.

“If I make your waist slimmer and your boobs bigger to accentuate the fact that I drew you as a mermaid, a mythological creature, doesn’t mean I say that you should look like that or all girls should look like that,” @vladyart hit back at Demi’s comments.

“That’s how I imagine mermaids,” he continued after Lovato drew a whole lot of attention to the pencil drawing. “I worked a lot on that drawing and I was proud of it, but not anymore.”

A number of Demi’s fans then took to social media to put Lovato on blast for her candid comments on the artwork, slamming her for being rude to the fan who seemingly wanted to show his support for the “Confident” singer, while others claimed that Fifth Harmony’s Camila appeared to wade in on the fan art drama.


According to Pop Crave, Cabello appeared to allude to the drama after Camila took to Instagram to make it known how much she appreciates Fifth Harmony fan art while Demi was feeling the heat on social media.

“A shout out to all the amazing and passionate artists out there,” Camila captioned an Instagram photo, which showed a number of different fan art drawings from Fifth Harmony fans just hours after Demi made the controversial comments.

“I can barely draw stick figures,” Camila continued, though she did not explicitly mention Demi nor her latest fan art drama, “and look atchu doin yo thaaaang.”

Camila didn’t mention Lovato in the caption, though some fans were quick to claim that Cabello’s well-timed post could have been her way of throwing a little shade amid the fan art drama.

Demi Lovato Blasted As 'Disrespectful'
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But it wasn’t just the Fifth Harmony star who appeared to slam Demi for her fan art comments, as a number of Lovato’s fans were also quick to call out the star on social media amid Camila’s post.

“Demi is so rude I cannot stand her,” Twitter user @lonelylove tweeted out amid Lovato’s fan art drama, while @adelesoup wrote, “I’m really trying to understand Demi but that was just too rude.”

“I understand that Demi is all about being confident in her own skin,” Lovato fan @SaraJessPierce added, “But that’s just disrespectful.”

Notably, Lovato has been very open about her past struggles with eating disorders and body image in the past, getting seriously candid about her past issues during a number of candid interviews.

Demi spoke out about the abuse she received from online trolls during an appearance on The Katie Couric Show back in in 2012, where she candidly admitted that she was cyberbullied for her weight.


“People don’t realize how badly verbal harassment and that cyber bullying affects you,” Demi said at the time of her body struggles. “They called me ‘fat’ and they called me horrible things. What they said to me sticks to me to this day.”

Lovato also got candid about her struggle with bulimia in the interview, telling Couric in 2012 that she “would throw up because I thought one glass of juice would make me gain five pounds” at her worst.

“I was listening to commenters on blog sites who were saying, ‘Oh she looks fat in this outfit’, or whatever and I put that pressure on myself,” Lovato said.

Do you think Demi Lovato was right to call out the artist over the fan art drawing?

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