‘Tarzan 3D’ Starring Kellan Lutz (Sort Of) Comes Back From The Dead, Gets A Trailer [Video]

Remember Tarzan 3D? Yeah, me neither. Still, the film starring Kellan Lutz has broken the silent pall cast over the film’s production and given us an honest-to-goodness trailer (and a featurette t’boot).

You might remember rumors dating all the way back to 2009 that German-based Constantin Film had announced their intention of developing a Tarzan property alongside Summit Entertainment. The film was intended to be 3D, GCI, and based on motion capture performances. Then Deadline reported in May that the film had finally cast its leads: Kellan Lutz of Twilight fame as the titular Tarzan and Spencer Locke (a Nickelodeon alum who graduated into Resident Evil films) as Jane.

Even though we barely remember it, it turns out Constantin has actually been working on it all this time. They’ve just released an official trailer, which you can view below.

As far as what to think about the trailer below, indiewire mocks the animation that “looks like it would’ve been cutting edge about a decade ago,” opining that at best “it’s like a really well done cut scene from a videogame.” They’re not wrong, there.

In me, it evokes thoughts of a Nathan Drake (of PS3 game franchise Drake’s Whatever) demo in which we play Drake awakening from a year-long coma, crazed and in the process of escaping from a jungle hospital or mental institution (the latter, given the wardrobe). We “parkour” him through a jungle level for about 15 minutes before we get bored, turn to Netflix, warm up a sandwich, and wonder when Bethesda is ever going to get that Skyrim DLC working for the PS3.

That … and it makes me think of Beowulf.

In any case, it opens overseas next summer. No news on when (if ever) it sees a domestic release.

Here’s a trailer for Tarzan 3D followed by a featurette showing what Constantin’s team has been doing with the property for the past several years: