Ryan Serhant Talks ‘Very Personal’ Fight With Emilia: Fans Blame Bridezilla Emilia

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Ryan Serhant is back on Bravo these days because of his wedding special, Million Dollar Listing: Ryan's Wedding. This wedding does show some of the deals that he's making in real estate in New York, but this show focuses more on his wedding planning with Emilia Bechrakis. Plus, fans of his will get to learn more about him, Emilia, their relationship and their family relations. The first episode proved to be very dramatic, as they had their very first argument in front of the camera and Ryan admits that this was indeed the worst fight they had ever had.

According to a new Instagram post, Ryan Serhant, is now revealing that the episode was indeed very personal for both him and Emilia to watch. They were active on Facebook before the episode, but they haven't really opened up about their fight being shared with the world. It made Ryan look insensitive to Emilia's needs, but this was also the first time that Bechrakis' angry side was shown to fans. But Serhant still wanted to thank fans for watching and reminded everyone that they are doing alright.

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But not everyone enjoyed the fight and the drama, as this showed a different side to Emilia. In fact, Ryan Serhant may love his wife, but not all of the viewers are so accepting of her.

"I don't know, I am super fan of them both and respect them deeply but I hope that all this 'bride-zilla' drama was for the show...sometimes I feel like watching the Kardashians and start to feel sorry for Ryan," one person wrote, which seems to be the view of several people.

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What do you think of Ryan Serhant's comments about the first episode?

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