Shannon Beador Slams Vicki Gunvalson For Saying David Was Happier With Mistress

In the upcoming The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 reunion show, viewers may see Shannon Beador bash Vicki Gunvalson for not only continuing to deny any involvement in Brooks Ayers’ cancer claim, a claim that Shannon maintains was all a lie, but also for making statements about her marriage to David Beador. As the latest episode aired on Monday night, Shannon slammed Vicki for saying that David was happier with his mistress.

In her Bravo blog, Shannon addressed Vicki’s claim, made to Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, and Kelly Dodd during a spa trip, that people in Orange County gossiped about how David’s mother accepted his mistress and even wanted him to stay with the mistress over Shannon. When Tamra expressed shock over David’s mother’s behavior, Vicki said that David’s mother wanted the mistress over Shannon because David was happier with the mistress.

Shannon wrote that Vicki knows nothing about what happened between David and his mistress and that Vicki’s statement that Orange County is a small town is just plain inaccurate. Shannon added that Vicki doesn’t know anyone in her circle of friends, nor does she know anyone in Heather’s circle of friends. Shannon maintained that she and David are doing well and pointed out that David chose to renew their marriage vows. Shannon even threw a dig at Vicki by reminding people that it’s Vicki’s who’s divorced.

“I can’t tell you how shocked I was to hear the women’s conversation at the spa. Honestly, Vicki is just plain cruel. She is taking this opportunity to embellish the truth to hurt me. Vicki has no idea if David was happier in his affair. My husband chose to renew our vows on his own and we are incredibly happy today. I have not had any in depth conversations with Vicki in a year and a half. She knows nothing about my personal life. And for Vicki to say that OC is a small town, I just have to point out that Vicki lives nowhere near me — she’s about 45 minutes away. She doesn’t know anyone in my circle of friends or Heather’s for that matter…Nice try though, Vicki. Sorry it didn’t work out the same for you.”

On Twitter, Shannon tweeted that Vicki lives nowhere near her part of town and doesn’t know people there. Shannon told Vicki to stop acting like a marriage expert.

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather Dubrow, Tamra Judge, Kelly Dodd, and Vicki Gunvalson enjoyed some time at a spa. Tamra told Heather about what happened during Shannon Beador’s daughters’ rock concert, mainly that David Beador’s mother and sister showed up unexpectedly. Vicki immediately chimed in that David’s mom doesn’t like Shannon.

“David’s mom doesn’t like Shannon. She wishes David stayed with his mistress. Yeah, cause David was happier.”

Tamra expressed shock over Vicki’s claim. Tamra asked how David’s mother even knew about the mistress. Vicki then dropped the bombshell that David’s mother not only knew about the mistress but even accepted her as family.

“They had family dinners together. Oh yeah. It was a long affair. It was almost a year.”

Heather added that David’s sister was friends with the mistress. Heather said that Shannon told her this.

“David’s sister had a whole relationship with her. Oh yeah, they were friends. That’s what Shannon told me.”

In her confessional interview, Vicki implied that everyone gossiped about David’s mom’s preference for and acceptance of the mistress.

“OC is a very small town and people talk. I don’t believe everything. But I believe this.”

Notably, Shannon did not talk in her blog about whether David’s mother and sister really did accept the mistress into the family. Heather made it clear during the scene that Shannon confided in her about what happened between David’s family and his mistress. Did Shannon also talk to Vicki about it when they were still friends and that’s what Vicki based her statements on?

While Shannon did not talk about that part of the story in her blog, she did continue to talk about how hurt she was that David’s mother, during the children’s concert, made the statement that she pushed David into having the affair. Shannon described what David’s mother said as “the most hurtful thing anyone could say to [her].” Shannon added that the fact that David’s mother said such a thing two weeks after David planned their vow renewal, which she knew about, is “devastating” to her. Shannon, who revealed during that episode that David’s mother and sister have never accepted her into the family, admitted that she hoped that David’s mother would accept her after seeing how committed David was to the marriage.

Shannon’s discovery that David had a long affair, her devastation over it, and her struggle to keep their marriage together was a major story line last season. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Shannon publicly revealed in October 2015 that she had a run-in with David’s mistress at a college football game. Shannon accused the other woman, whom she labeled a “narcissist” and “stalker,” of purposefully showing up at the game knowing that she and David were going to be there.

Considering how enraged Shannon Beador was upon hearing what David’s mother said about her during the children’s rock concert, how enraged will Shannon be towards Vicki Gunvalson at the season 11 reunion show for her statements about the marriage? As the Inquisitr reported, Vicki two weeks ago said that the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion show will be filming next month. The “OG of the OC” proclaimed that she’s not afraid of the other women. “Bring it on,” Vicki challenged her co-stars.

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