Kelly Ripa Co-Host: Late-Night Host ‘Auditions’ For Live Gig

So far, Kelly Ripa’s co-host hasn’t been found yet, and because of that, everyone is wondering which guest co-host will get the job — if there’s a job to even have at this point.

It seems like ABC and Ripa are fine with having a continuous roster of famous faces in the guest co-host chair. It was originally suspected that ABC and Ripa would settle on someone permanent to replace Michael Strahan before the premiere of the new season in September. As it turns out, the premiere day came and went, and since then, Live! has rotated a bunch of famous names for the position.

As stated, there’s so much speculation over Kelly Ripa’s co-host spot, which seems to be open for the time being. As the Inquisitr reported, Ripa and ABC are in no rush to find a permanent co-host.

According to People Magazine, a source said of the matter, “Kelly has always felt strongly that the show will need a permanent co-host and she is committed to finding one, but that process cannot be rushed, and so she is happy to take her time to make sure that the chemistry is right.”

The source went on to say that the permanent co-host will be filled by November if Kelly Ripa has her way. In the meantime, everyone is speculating who would be the perfect fit as Kelly Ripa’s co-host. Earlier, it was reported that former Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore would be a promising addition to the show. As we know, Shemar Moore left Criminal Minds after 11 years and is looking for a change, which means he’s ready to start the next chapter of his career. Over the years, we’ve seen many actors make the change from performer to host or in Moore’s case co-host, so if he wants the position and brings in the audience, he may have an upper hand on the competition.

Other fan favorites include Fred Savage, Jussie Smollett, Neil Patrick Harris, Andy Cohen, Jerry O’Connell, and Anderson Cooper. Most of these names have various commitments before hosting Live!, so it would be a no-brainer if ABC took a chance on Shemar.

Right now, audiences are in a waiting game until they find out who Kelly Ripa’s co-host is. So, in the meantime, ABC and the producers at Live! are having fun with the rotating hosts.

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon took time out of his busy schedule to take a whirl at the co-host seat. As part of Kelly’s Tonight Show guest appearance, Fallon and Ripa decided to tape a segment where Jimmy “auditioned” for the gig of co-host. Aside from the joke that Fallon was interested in the gig (as if he doesn’t have enough on his plate), Jimmy and Kelly had great chemistry together during their taping of a mock Live! show.

Fallon jokingly mentioned that he’s free in the mornings to take on the gig.

“I’m not doing anything in the mornings, as we have a little chemistry!” Fallon joked.

Kelly agreed that they did have chemistry and that’s when Fallon really lobbied for the gig as co-host.

How was Jimmy Fallon’s audition? Well, it was pretty perfect, as Fallon’s effortless humor made it into a game of Word Sneak. He continued by interviewing the Roots’ drummer. While Fallon’s audition for the gig was a tease, it did give audiences a peek at what Kelly’s like against someone who has humor and a good amount of chemistry.

Who do you think Kelly Ripa’s co-host should be?

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