8-Foot-Tall Gray Alien Spotted Walking On Post Office Roof in Stephenville, Texas, According To Retired Police Officer

A retired police officer recalls a shocking encounter of the third kind he had in 2000 when he was employed as a night shift patrol sergeant with the police department in Stephenville, Erath County in Texas. Although the officer was unable to identify the alien species involved in the sighting, many alien experts believe the officer likely had an encounter with a Tall Grey alien dressed in a glowing spacesuit.

According to the unnamed officer in a testimony filed in the reporting database of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) as Case 54733 during his shift from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., he saw an 8-foot-tall humanoid alien being walking on the flat roof of the Stephenville post office, located at 31 North Graham Street.

“All I could think was that I can’t believe what I’m seeing and I hope it didn’t see me.”

The alien creature stood on the rooftop looking up to the night sky [Image by First Step Studio/Shutterstock]

The police officer said he held back information about his experience until he submitted a report to MUFON on March 16, 2014, four years after he retired from the police department.

He was not able to recall the exact date and time of the incident in 2001, but he recalled he had been on duty for some hours before he went to the police department for a short break. He drove eastward after leaving the department in the direction of the Stephenville post office. As he approached the post office building, he noticed something moving quietly in the shadows on top of the building.

He stopped his patrol vehicle about a block away, between two parking lots, and looked up at the roof through the side window of his car on the driver side.

As he watched, he saw a tall figure walking slowly and carefully on the roof top. It was a clear, cloudless night, according to the officer, and visibility, aided by moonlight, was excellent. He saw clearly that the figure had a bright, light green color.

The mysterious figure walked across the rooftop in his direction. The gait appeared human, yet it was clear that it was not human, but a humanoid creature. He believed, as he watched it on the rooftop, that it was an extraterrestrial being.

The alien walked across the rooftop and stopped when it reached the edge. It stood facing the officer, looking in the direction of his parked car. The witness watched in stunned seated in his patrol car.

According to the officer, standing before him, clearly visible against the background of a clear night sky, was an 8-foot-tall humanoid being. He was able to estimate the height of the alien creature by comparing with the height of the post office building.

The alien creature was bald, it had a lithe, athletic physique — neither thin nor fat, according to the witness. But by far the most remarkable aspect of its appearance was that it appeared to be transparent, with the lines of its body exhibiting a fluorescent green glow that displayed its three-dimensional detail, including its clothing.

And despite the fact that it was transparent, it looked solid, compact, and remarkably human-like. What appeared to be the creature’s clothing was designed like a transparent green-glowing jumpsuit.

It stood for some minutes at the edge of the roof, arms akimbo. It appeared to be looking out for something as it scanned the horizon westward. And turning its upper body, its gaze swept eastward. The creature stood looking eastward for several seconds.

And as the alien turned its gaze from the east to the west once again, it stopped midway and looked directly at the observing police officer.

The witness believed the creature saw him watching.

A Grey Alien surveys the world [Image by Bruce Rolff/Shutterstock]

“I don’t know if I could actually see a smile or just had that feeling like it was smiling and saying, ‘Well you saw me,” the witness told MUFON.

After looking in the direction of the witness for a few seconds, the alien creature turned and retraced it steps across the flat post office roof.

The officer’s cop instincts kicked in automatically as the alien walked away.

“I never felt threatened,” the witness recalled. “The thing turned and began walking back the way it came. I remember saying to myself, ‘like hell you are getting away.'”

He started his car engine and drove around the building, to the back side facing north, and believing that the building was too high — about 25 feet — for the creature to jump down, he decided it was worthwhile to make an attempt to capture it.

He called the fire department and reported he just saw “someone” on the building of the post office and requested a ladder truck. He was careful not to say what the thought he saw.

He also called the police department. A police unit was dispatched. When the officers arrived, they positioned on opposite sides of the building. The witness was certain that the alien being was still on the roof because he thought it could not have jumped down without being observed.

When the fire officers arrived some minutes later, he told them to stand around the building and look out for anyone trying to climb down from the rooftop. He then climbed up on the roof to find the alien creature. He searched the flat rooftop and found nothing.

“The officer and fire department personnel, I’m sure, thought I was nuts thinking someone was up there,” the witness told MUFON.

“I dared not tell them what I saw. So I sat on this for years and only told a few close friends about the experience.”

But over the years he researched in libraries and later on the Internet and found nothing comparable to his experience.

But the witness insisted he was certain about what he saw and that there was no chance he was mistaken because the green-glowing creature was clearly visible against the background of the dark night sky.

“I can say this with the utmost confidence. I know what I saw. There was too much detail in the thing.”

“This was a very clear night,” he said. “The thing had the dark sky behind it so it was easy to see, not to mention its size.”

According to the witness, the police department records have the exact month, date and time he made the call to report that he saw someone on the post office building rooftop.

“This has bothered me for years and I just would like to know what you all think I saw or what it could have been,” he concluded.

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