2016 Presidential Polls: Donald Trump Leading In Battleground States, Hillary Clinton Leads Overall Ahead Of Monday’s Debate

The very first presidential debate of 2016 is right around the corner (Monday night) and many are not entirely sure what to think about it. Hillary Clinton will face off with Donald Trump and how they perform and present their agendas could cause some huge swings in the polls. Speaking of the polls, though, it’s time to see who is leading with just a few days until both candidates stand in front of the whole nation.

NBC News believes that the first presidential debate could be one of the most watched events of all time. At 9 p.m. ET on the night of Monday, Sept. 26, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will step on a stage together and give their thoughts, opinions, and ideas on the pressing issues that the next president will have come their way.

Obviously, the country has opinions on either side of the debate and there are supporters for both of the candidates.

As the debate draws closer and closer, prospective voters are going to start looking at the early polls to see how their chosen candidates are doing.

According to Fox News, Donald Trump has pulled ahead in certain battleground states and some are looking at that as significant victories for him. The working-class white voters are really getting behind Trump over Clinton and upping his numbers considerably.

While there is a margin of sampling error, as in all polls, Trump is still leading the way.

Nevada – Trump currently has a three-point lead by a percentage of 43-40 in the polls. Gary Johnson has received eight percent of the vote and the “none of these” option has taken four percent.

Ohio – The polls in this big-time battleground state show that Donald Trump currently has a five-point lead over Clinton among likely voters by a percentage of 42-37. Jill Stein has taken two percent of the vote while Johnson has six.

North Carolina – Polls in another battleground state have Trump up by five points at 45-40. Stein is not on the ballot for North Carolina but Johnson has taken six percent of the vote at this time.

All three of these states could play huge parts in the election as they do every four years, and it’s interesting to see how they currently stack up. After the first debate, this could change drastically, and it could even change again after the next debate and the next.

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While Trump may have pulled ahead in a number of battleground states, the 2016 presidential polls still show that he isn’t leading overall. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Clinton holds a six-point overall lead in the polls as the two prepare for Monday night’s debate.

In a poll of registered voters, Clinton is leading by a percentage score of 43 to 37 over Trump. For the somewhat larger group seen as “likely voters,” Clinton is leading by five percentage points which is actually less than the nine-point lead she had back in August.

Now, that was in the poll from Wall Street Journal and not all polls ended up having the same results, which is why it’s hard to put a lot of faith in early polling.

The right-leaning Rasmussen Report poll has a flip-flop with Trump actually leading Clinton nationally by five points. It is the largest lead for the Republican party since mid-July and shows a Trump lead of 44-49 percent.

Both Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are also included in the poll, but they aren’t taking much of the vote from either of the major party candidates. That actually appears to be the case in most polls that are being conducted right now.

The 2016 presidential polls are telling in some ways, but they aren’t really going to tell you who will end up winning it all. Donald Trump is leading in some of the battleground states. Hillary Clinton has an overall lead. Both of those stats could seem very convincing but there are a lot of things that may end up changing by the time Monday night’s debate is over.

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