New York Bombing Surveillance Videos: Same Man Caught On Tape Near Explosion And Pressure Cooker [Video]

On Saturday, a very serious bombing took place in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood; today investigators from multiple agencies are reviewing surveillance video and other evidence to try to piece together what happened and to discover who was responsible. Politicians were quick to call Saturday’s New York bombing “deliberate” and a “very serious incident,” but an official motivation and what individual/group may have been responsible are still unknown.

In addition to the site of the explosion, something many are calling terrorism, CNN reports that investigators found a disturbing piece of evidence to indicate that the apparently deliberate New York bombing was intended to have been a much more widespread attack. According to investigators, mere blocks from the New York explosion that injured 29 people on Saturday, a so-called pressure cooker bomb device was discovered.

Similar to what was used in the infamous Boston Marathon bombings, the pressure cooker device believed to have been connected to Saturday’s New York explosion is said to have included the addition of dark wiring, silver duct tape, and some kind of cell phone device.

Currently, the “breaking news” headline banner on the main CNN website indicates that, upon reviewing some of the multitudes of surveillance videos that captured the scene of the New York bombing and the area near where the pressure cooker was found, authorities have made a disturbing discovery.

The discovery that the same person was likely filmed near the scene of the Saturday explosion in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood and the location where the pressure cooker was found lends credence to the working theory that the pressure cooker and the bombing are somehow connected.

The Saturday New York bombing went down within hours of a similar explosion in New Jersey. In the New Jersey case, an explosion rocked an area near a Marine Corps charity run event. Nobody was injured in the New Jersey explosion, but it set both locals and the nation on edge, the Boston Marathon bombing fresh in their minds.

Another horrific incident also took place on Saturday. The third was a knife attack at a mall in Minnesota. In the Minnesota knife attack, nine people were stabbed. At least in the Minnesota case, an ISIS affiliate has claimed responsibility for the brutal attack. As CNN reports, it is being investigated as an “act of terrorism,” and police who responded to the attack shot and killed the suspect, who has yet to be publicly named.

“We still don’t have anything substantive that would suggest anything more than what we know already, which is this was a lone attacker. And right now, we’re trying to get to the bottom of his motivations.”

In the case of the New York bombing, investigators are hesitating to call the explosion a “terror attack,” but some politicians aren’t showing any such restraint. As CNN reports, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has already labeled the New York bombing an “act of terrorism,” despite what is found on surveillance videos to substantinate that claim.

“A bomb exploding in New York is obviously an act of terrorism. A bomb going off is generically a terrorist activity. That’s how we’ll consider it. And that’s how we will prosecute it.”

The investigation into the New York bombing, New Jersey explosion and Minnesota stabbing are currently still ongoing and active. All potential connections between the events are still being looked into as well. If the reports regarding the surveillance videos in the New York bombing lead police to a suspect, and that suspect was also present at the location of the pressure cooker, it could be a vital clue in unraveling the case.

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