Anna Duggar Appears To Have Black Eye, Busted Lip In New Picture: What Went Down?

Mandy Robinson

The Duggar family of 19 Kids and Counting is always being watched by people who loved the show or used to love it before the big Josh Duggar scandal. Now a new picture on Facebook that the Duggar family shared has everyone talking about what is going on with Anna Duggar. In this photo, people are seeing what looks like possibly a black eye and a busted lip on Anna. Considering she has been going through a really hard time with her husband, Josh Duggar, this is causing a lot of speculation. Nobody really knows what happened to Anna, but some fans are feeling like there is something going on.

First off, if Anna Duggar had something really bad go wrong, she probably wouldn't be sharing a picture of herself on social networks. The Duggar family knew all about Josh's scandal years before the information got out and didn't share it with anyone. There is no reason to think that if Josh and Anna got into a fight, the Duggar family would tell anyone about it.

In the comments on this photo, fans are talking about Anna Duggar and what she looks like. Some fans see a black eye, but others think it is just a shadow on her. Another thing everyone is noticing is that Anna Duggar does appear to have lost weight, but stress will do that to you. One comment from Susan Pearson defends Anna saying, "Her left eye does look dark, it could have been anything...walked into a door...a cabinet...walked in the way of a kid throwing something. I had bruises all over my body at any given time, and no one is doing it but me lol."

The above picture of Anna Duggar is a close-up version of the picture that everyone is talking about today. Looking at Anna's bottom lip there is something there, but it could be something as simple as a cold sore. Nobody really knows what happened to her, if anything. Anna's left eye does appear that something is wrong, but this could just be a shadow or something happened to her not related to Josh at all.

The Duggar family is very quiet about what goes on behind closed doors. It would be shocking if Anna, or anyone in the family, explained if something actually happened to Anna. As People shared, Josh Duggar has actually just started going back out in public. He hasn't been on their show yet at all, though.

Do you think that Anna Duggar seems to have a black eye and a busted lip? Do you think that the Duggars will ever explain why she looked this way in the photo? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new season of Counting On when it airs on Tuesday nights on TLC. Only time will tell if Josh and Anna Duggar can make their relationship work after all they have been through over the last few years.

[Featured Image via Facebook]