‘Big Brother 18’ Showmance: Will Corey Brooks And Nicole Franzel Date Outside Of The House?

Now that Corey Brooks is gone from the Big Brother 18 house, fans just want to know if he will stay with Nicole Franzel once they leave the house. This couple could be the next Jeff and Jordan if it works out. The Hollywood Reporter got the chance to talk to Corey after he was evicted from the house and they shared what he had to say about his relationship with Nicole and more.

One thing that Corey Brooks was asked about was who had the strongest relationship in the house. Of course, he feels like it was his relationship with Nicole. Here is what Corey had to say.

“Me and Nicole. Paul and Victor – they would butt heads sometimes. Paul was even pushing to get Victor out when he came back for the second time. Nicole never bad mouthed me or wanted me out. She always stuck by my side. She was a very good ride or die to have and we went the furthest.”

It is obvious with just this comment that Corey Brooks is still really into Nicole and doesn’t have anything bad to say about her. Corey does think that James didn’t take him to the finals because he thinks he can beat Nicole easier than he could have beat Corey. Everyone will have to watch the finale to see if James is right about being able to beat her.

Everyone knows that Corey Brooks loves Christmas, but he even admits that he loves Nicole more than this special holiday. Things are looking pretty good for these two outside of the house. The Inquisitr already shared that Victor Arroyo thinks that Corey Brooks will break Nicole’s heart when they leave Big Brother. Victor says that Corey doesn’t want to be in a relationship after the show and that he is going to break her heart.

Two weeks ago on the live feeds, everyone saw Corey Brooks reveal that Nicole gets upset with him over stupid things. He also told Victor that he didn’t plan to stay with Nicole when the show was over. Corey said that they both got out of relationships before joining the show, and he planned to be single when he got home. This was not the way Corey was acting when he was with Nicole, though.

Bustle shared that Corey and Nicole have different ideas when it comes to their plans for the future. Corey does want her to visit him after the show and see what happens, but he also wants to be single. It seems like Nicole has a different idea of how things will be after the show, though.

Corey Brooks lives in Dallas, Texas, but Nicole is from Ubly, Michigan. These are two different worlds that are not close to each other at all. A few couples can make the long distance relationship work, but it doesn’t happen often. If you remember correctly, Nicole was in a relationship with Hayden last time she was on the show. They tried to make it work when they got home, but it didn’t last.

It would be shocking if Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel stay together when Big Brother 18 is done, but you never know what will happen. At this time, it doesn’t seem like Nicole realizes that Corey isn’t near as serious as she is when it comes to taking things to the next level outside of the home.

Do you think that Nicole and Corey will stay together and end up dating after Big Brother 18? Do you think that these two are a great couple? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss the end of Big Brother 18 on CBS this week.

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