Ellen Degeneres Introduced Michelle Obama to Boxed Wine and The Results Are Insane

Ellen DeGeneres and First Lady Michelle Obama made quite a pair on Wednesday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show, as the ladies toured a local CVS to get Obama acclimated to life after the White House.

DeGeneres had a great time showing Obama around the CVS and playing off the first lady’s established decorum. As soon as they entered the local CVS, DeGeneres started opening packages before buying anything and Michelle Obama was aghast, stating, “Don’t open these up in the store!” DeGeneres, in her typical carefree style simply replied, “Why not?”

The CVS trip was a fun interaction between Obama and DeGeneres because the easygoing comedian enjoyed poking fun at the first lady’s status and interest in normal, everyday items. Yahoo News reported that DeGeneres even commented on Obama’s status when the pair first entered the store, “You push the basket because nobody is going to push it for you,” making light of Obama’s relative disconnection from the real world during her eight years in the White House.

At one point, Obama discovers the Coinstar machine and has fun pouring her spare change into it until DeGeneres busts out her trademark megaphone and starts announcing the first lady’s total. Obama is constantly in good spirits and plays off of DeGeneres well by gently protesting her outlandish CVS behavior.

Ellen DeGeneres interviewing President Barack Obama for the Ellen DeGeneres Show. [AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais]

The best part of the visit is when Obama discovers boxed wine for the first time. The first lady held up a box of Franzia curiously, trying to figure out how the wine came out of the box. DeGeneres gladly tried to help her and took the safety clasp off of a bottle of liquor to use as a cup so the first lady could taste the beverage. Obama, getting more and more perturbed with Ellen’s behavior, said, “You can’t do that!”

Despite some initial boxed wine confusion, helpful CVS customers assist DeGeneres and Obama open and pour the boxed wine. Obama’s pure amazement at Franzia was so cute and humanizing. At one point, the Democratic firebrand read the box and was shocked that the wine was still good up to six weeks after being opened.

Obama and DeGeneres merrily passed out red Solo cups filled with boxed wine to CVS customers, who all seemed delighted and a little confused that the first lady was serving alcohol in the middle of a drug store. The talk show host and Obama even signed the Franzia box for the lucky customer who helped them open it, which is obviously the best box of Franzia anyone has ever received.

Ellen continued to have fun with her megaphone, including accidentally waking up a sleeping infant, but Obama shooed her away and apologized to the baby’s mother for the disturbance. Michelle Obama was the perfect straight man to Ellen DeGeneres’ kooky, off-the-wall style of humor.

When the pair went to complete their purchases at the self-checkout station, a whole new routine began. Obama would cautiously scan the products, then hand them to DeGeneres to bag. The whole process was adorable because Obama said she had “never used one of these before,” and seemed consistently confused and intrigued by the new experience.

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama during a recent visit to Martha’s Vineyard. [AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta]

Although lots of laughs and smiles were shared throughout the CVS visit, toward the end Obama had reached her limit with DeGeneres. The first lady commented “It’s like going to a store with a three-year-old.” After that, DeGeneres sat in the tiny CVS cart while Obama was trying to put groceries away.

Obama’s Ellen appearance helped remind the country that the eight-year White House veteran will soon be joining civilian life in 2017. Obama even commented on the change when leaving the store by telling the staff, “I’ll be back in 2017!” Hopefully Michelle Obama will hand out wine every time she goes to the store.

[AP Photo/Jessica Hill, File]

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