‘Pokemon Go Plus’ Release Date: Where To Buy Bracelet Without Pre-Order

The new Pokemon Go Plus is set to launch on Friday, September 16, in the United States. Fans of the popular mobile game, which allows for real-world capture of Pokemon characters, can now add a new way to play. The new wearable technology is a Bluetooth accessory that alerts players when they are near Pokemon and allows them to catch them easier. The item had an original price of $35 and was made available on pre-order in some locations, but now it is looking like a tough item to find.

The I4U website reported that Canadians were able to pre-order the device on Amazon. Those customers were said to be receiving the new gadget on its Friday launch date. It’s mentioned that this isn’t the case in the United States, as pre-orders are now unavailable. In addition, some customers have already received these gadgets in the United Kingdom.

Pokemon Go players walk outside as they play mobile game. [Image by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images]

The scarcity of a hot new device is already coming into play with third party sellers. Polygon reported the Plus technology is already selling for prices nearly double the regular price on the eBay auction site. Some listings have even sold at just a bit under $100 for the device. Amazon also has at least one listing for over $100, showing just how sellers are trying to cash in on the craze.

The wearable Bluetooth bracelet is meant to supplement the popular mobile game. While the game itself is free to download for iOS or Android smartphones, there are in-game extras that can be purchased. However, this is the first physical accessory to be released for the game which soared in popularity this past summer. The game had been as high as the No. 1 ranking app at Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Since then, it has dropped several spots.

So how can someone buy the new Pokemon Go Plus device? While pre-orders have already been placed, there’s still the potential to find one in a store. That would mean getting to a nearby GameStop early on Friday to see if they have the item in stock. On Wednesday, the video game retailer tweeted out that there will be limited quantities. Still, a lucky shopping trip could result in scoring one.

Toys R Us is another potential real-world store to check out on Friday, in addition to refreshing the Amazon online marketplace to see if the website has more in stock. Customers in New York can also check out the Nintendo World New York store. Keep in mind, there may be plenty of demand at all retail locations, leading to long lines.

Of course, early reports, via Forbes and other websites, indicate a high failure rate for the device when it comes to catching Pokemon. In fact, the site has speculated that there is a 25 to 30 percent success rate and that characters flee when the devices is near their area. However, there have been updates indicating that Pokemon Go players only get one capture attempt per Pokemon, which, in turn, equals more fleeing.

While the gadget has been reportedly having some early failures, there is one major feature that is receiving attention. Apparently, even when a smartphone running Pokemon Go is locked, the new wearable device can track walking distance for eggs and buddy distance. Most likely, any other errors or complaints will be addressed via a patch to the mobile game, or future releases of the wearable Bluetooth device.

Pokemon Go players outside the Nintendo Flagship Store. [Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

The new Pokemon Go Plus bracelet already appears to be a hit a day before its launch. Niantic, the company behind the mobile game, is hoping it will lead to a resurgence in people using the game. Its popularity has trended downwards since it exploded this past summer. Retail stores that are said to be offering it for sale are also hoping for more traffic and purchases overall. Will enough fans of the mobile game be able to catch these in stores on Friday, and will they be happy with what the device offers?

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