Ohio Man Shawn Grate: Alleged Abduction Victim Calls 911 From Home Where Remains Of Two Other Women Are Found [Video]

On Tuesday, a woman called 911 to report that she was being held against her will; her alleged abductor was Ohio man Shawn Michael Grate, and the story of her captivity would become the stuff of nightmares. The woman, who has remained unidentified, told the Ashland Police’s 911 dispatcher that the Ohio man was holding her captive inside an Ashland home, she’d managed to get a hold of his cell phone while partially bound. In a whisper, the terrified woman told the dumbfounded 911 operator that her captor, Shawn Grate, was sleeping nearby.

“I’ve been abducted. Please hurry!”

In a 911 call that would last over 20 minutes, the terrified abductee tried desperately to describe her situation and the location of the home where Ohio man Shawn Grate was holding her captive. When Ashland police arrived, reports ABC News Go, they found the captive woman still alive. Two other women found at the home occupied by 40-year-old Shawn Grate had not been so lucky; law enforcement discovered their remains in the Ohio house of horrors.

After the woman’s frantic 911 call and subsequent rescue, police arrested Ohio man Shawn Grate on suspicion of kidnapping and two counts of homicide. After his arrest, Grate reportedly told investigators about the location of a third set of human remains. Reportedly, Shawn Grate had abducted and killed that victim in June. The Ohio man directed police to a remote location in a neighboring town, where investigators indeed discovered the remains of a third murder victim.

Multiple reports indicate that Shawn Grate was homeless and squatting at the time that his alleged victim called 911 for help.

Tragically, one of the sets of human remains found in the home that Ohio man Shawn Grate was staying in have been determined to belong to a local woman who had been missing less than a week. That woman, 42-year-old Stacey Stanley, disappeared last Thursday after she got a flat tire. Reportedly, Stanley last spoke to her son last Thursday. That’s when, ABC News Go reports, she called to say she’d gotten a flat. She never made it home. Her family mounted an exhaustive search and have been devastated by the news that she was found less than two miles away, in the home occupied by Ohio man Shawn Grate.

According to Stacey Stanley’s family, they were extremely frustrated with what they saw as a lack of a proper police response to her disappearance. The family claimed that when they called the police to report Stacey missing, it took the responding officer roughly 20 minutes to get to the scene that they believed she’d disappeared from. Despite the fact that it was located only about 1.6 miles from the police station.

Stanley’s family claims that the 20-minute long phone call made by the abducted woman from the home of Ohio man Shawn Grate is added proof of the local police department’s inadequate and unacceptable response time.

Shawn Grate reportedly has an extensive criminal history that goes back decades. According to court records, the Ohio man was jailed for assault in 1994. In 1997, Grate once again found himself behind bars, this time for burglary.

In March, 1999, Ohio man Shawn Grate was convicted on charges of unlawful restraint and criminal trespassing. His documented criminal background further includes charges of domestic violence, theft and violating a restraining order.

Perhaps most disturbingly, the Shawn Grate’s criminal past includes charges relating to an abduction.

As Cleveland 19 reports, Ohio man Shawn Grate’s previous abduction charges allegedly stemmed from a 2010 domestic violence incident involving his ex-girlfriend. In that case, Shawn Grate reportedly grabbed his ex by the throat and refused to allow her to leave the residence. Reportedly, Grate was arrested in that incident.

It has been reported that Shawn Grate may have been on the lookout for more potential victims. One local 17-year-old says that he recently tried to lure her into the home where one abducted woman and two dead bodies were found.

It is unknown whether or not Shawn Grate was or was supposed to have been on any kind of supervised probation at the time that he allegedly abducted these women, killing three of them. According to his prior arrest records, all of Shawn Grate’s previous criminal charges were misdemeanors.

On Thursday afternoon, Ohio man Shawn Grate was officially charged with two counts of murder and one count of kidnapping for the bodies that were found in his Ashland home.

[Featured Image by Ashland Police Department/Twitter]

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