Kate Upton Lands On Cover Of Cosmopolitan

Kate Upton is continuing her popularity streak by appearing on the cover of the November Cosmopolitan issue, and, while she isn’t sporting one of her signature string bikinis, Upton proves that she can look just as sexy in a pair of Daisy Dukes.

The curvy blonde supermodel has become a household name this year ever since she landed the job as cover girl for the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, reports Star Pulse.

Upton’s latest photo shoot took place on a farm in Warwick, New York, and the model looked noticeably at home. Kate stated of her personality:

“I’m a little bit of a mix – a girlie girl and a tomboy. When I’m in a city, I’m girlie. But when I’m around a barn, I turn into a tomboy.”

The 20-year-old supermodel also revealed to Cosmopolitan what turns her on in a guy, saying:

“To me, what’s sexy is when you look like you’re having a good time. That, and when you look effortless and have messy hair.”

E! Online notes that Kate Upton modeled a lacy bralet from Cosmo’s new collection for the JCPenney line, pairing the sexy top with a pair of skimpy denim cutoff shorts made by rag bone. She also revealed that her best-kept secret for amping up her sex appeal isn’t her hot curves but has more to do with her free-spirited attitude.

It appears from the photos that Upton knows exactly how to show off her free-spirited attitude.

What do you think of Kate Upton’s Cosmopolitan cover?

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