‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Spoilers: New Characters, Who’s Dead, Who’s Not, And Peeling Onions

Stranger Things took Netflix viewers by storm and amassed a large following in its first season. So much happened in that season. There have been a few reports about what may be in store next season, regarding both new characters and the plot. Let’s take a look at what we know right now.

Let’s talk about new characters first. Word has it that there will be three of them, two regulars and one that may become a regular. Executive producer Shawn Levy described the Stranger Things additions to Hollywood Reporter.

“There’s definitely a handful of really compelling new characters this season, but absolutely servicing the core group first and foremost… Like the show itself, it’s multi-generational new characters and really, really intriguing ones.”

Two of the new Stranger Things characters are teenagers, a male and a female. Max is 13 years old and female. She’s a tough girl who is suspicious of those around her and whose appearance and behavior is more like guys in the mid to early ’80s than a girl, including riding a skateboard everywhere she goes. Her step-brother is the other new teenage character. He’s 17 years old and sounds pretty much like the arrogant teenage guy who’s proud and lives fast. Muscular and popular with the girls, this Stranger Things cool kid likes to drink and drive his black Camaro. He also has a violent side. Max’s past is described as “complicated,” one she tries to hide. The relationship between this brother and sister is described as “difficult.”


Stranger Things will also be adding a character named Roman to the cast. This character may be male or female and is between 30 and 38 years old. Roman grew up homeless with an alcoholic mother. Hell-bent for revenge because of a big loss early in life, Roman doesn’t know how to connect with other people.

Show creators Matt and Ross Duffer have described the next season as more of a sequel to Season 1 than a new season. High Snobiety quotes Ross Duffer describing it this way, talking about Season 1 of Stranger Things first.

“We don’t answer all the questions by the end of the season — there are definitely some dangling threads… The hope is that it feels satisfying but that we left room and that if people respond to it we can go back into this world. But if we do get to go back, it’s not a second season as much as a sequel.”


So what can we expect in this sequel? Here are six things we know.

  • The Mirror reports that David Harbour, who plays Chief Hopper, has stated in an interview that Eleven is alive. And the box of Eggo waffles Hopper left in the woods at the end of Season 1 of Stranger Things? Well, he believes she exists in some manner and left the waffles for her.
  • And speaking of people who are alive — Brenner is, too. We didn’t see him die now, did we? And the actor who plays Brenner has said the character will have a second season.
  • Barb, however, will not return. She’s gone for good.
  • We haven’t heard the last about Sarah Hopper’s cancer. David Harbour has weighed in on this plot line too. He told Daily Beast that, “The Duffers and I talked a lot about that backstory, and even where her cancer came from and Hopper’s guilt around the whole situation. There is more onion to be peeled back in terms of Hopper’s backstory and what he’s been through. And his daughter’s cancer was a lot more complex than what it seemed.”
  • Season 2 of Stranger Things will have eight or nine installments that are 45 to 55 minutes each.
  • We’re going to learn a lot more about the Upside Down in the next season of Stranger Things (two if we’re lucky!) The Duffers have a 30-page document that’s all about the Upside Down! They’ll take the next season (or two!) to share some of what’s in that document. Sounds like more onion peeling. Ross Duffer said, “The plan in that second season is to get into more of those questions, like why there was only one monster and what the Upside Down is exactly. We have all those answers and didn’t feel like they were necessary to answer this season.”

A date has not yet been announced for the release of Season 2 of Stranger Things.

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