NBA 2K17: Ten YouTube NBA 2K Players You Must Sub To Before Game’s Release

We are now less than 24 hours from the release of NBA 2K17 for those who pre-ordered, meaning that plenty of MyCareers will officially launch, and plenty of people will be angered by the servers’ downtime. Those who did not pre-order, however, will have to wait just a few more days before they can lace up their virtual kicks and throw down the best slam dunk they can.

Common rationale dictates that those who do not have access to a product will try to spend their time with those who do have it and if none of your friends have the game early, then you’re likely to go onto YouTube and watch others play there. Luckily, the NBA 2K community is one of the biggest on the website and has some of the more notable gamers, including a few famous ones, balling with their MyCareer players and trying to restore a winning tradition to a franchise in desperate need of help (please, help the Brooklyn Nets).

But, who are the right people to subscribe to? Who does what best? We at the Inquisitr are here to help you as we’ve found ten YouTubers who not only provide NBA 2K content, but also put out some of the best in the community and don’t just resort to pack openings for clicks. Included on this list are players who specialize in every category from MYLEAGUE to MyTeam, though any YouTuber who gets the game early, posts three videos, and never returns to the game again is obviously excluded. Also, those who post only MyPark and ProAm videos are left off as well.

Note: Some of these channels contain language that may not be appropriate for those not mature enough to handle it.

10. FranchisePlay

Specialty: MyLEAGUE/MyCareer

Thoughts: We start this list off with another sports gaming writer, actually, and that is Bleacher Report’s Brian “FranchisePlay” Mazique. One of the more diverse channels on this list from a sports-heavy YouTuber, Mazique mainly does MyLEAGUE and MyCareer videos while also tackling subjects in the sports gaming industry that include legitimate wishlists, reactions to announcements by companies, and more. FranchisePlay earns a spot on this list in part because of his #ThrowbackThursday series where any classic game from MLB 2K6 to Def Jam Icon is up for grabs as he does a retro review of it, talks about things happening at the time, and even comments on things companies took out later on. It’s not a highlight reel of Steph Curry draining threes, but for those with a love of sports, it works out pretty well.

9. DanQ8000

Specialty: MyCareer

Thoughts: It may be weird to see a Let’s Player on here as Dan Quinn is more known for his adventures with franchises like Grand Theft Auto and Star Wars, but the bearded Canadian is doing a MyCareer series for the third straight year on his channel and continues to bring a legendary sense of humor to those videos. Though many YouTubers on this list try to keep it clean and as child-friendly as possible, Quinn has no problem dropping an f-bomb here or making a sex pun there; it makes for an entertaining sense of humor that may not cater to all people, but one of Quinn’s stronger traits as a YouTuber as well is honesty. If something in a game bothers him or he feels a game did something right, he’s’ going to be blunt and honest about it — something that’s gotten him into trouble with his fans before.

Quinn also does something that many Let’s Players who start a series for a game they’re not usually fans of don’t do: he continues a series after two or three episodes. Some diehard fans may stay away because DanQ8000 won’t give an in-depth analysis of Draymond Green’s defense during the NBA finals, but others will easily be attracted thanks to his humor, play style, and fantastic beard.

8. ShakeDown2012

Specialty: MyPark/MyCareer

Thoughts: To be blunt, watching Park videos is as boring as playing it, but ShakeDown2012 has found a way to make them interesting and watchable. With a great sense of humor and strong commentary, Shake has evolved into one of the bigger names in the NBA 2K community over the years and become a teacher for many — both commentators who wish to learn from his style and players who want to watch his tutorials. Shake does post a lot of Park, but when you watch his other videos and see the quality and effort put into them, you’ll forget entirely about your Park-related misgivings.

7. Nadasfan/Sports Gaming Universe

Specialty: MYLEAGUE/MyCareer

Thoughts: One of the longest running YouTube channels in the sports community, Sports Gaming Universe — who normally goes by the moniker of Nadasfan, the name of his previous channel and a reference to him being a fan of ‘The Nadas’ — is unique in the fact that his channel isn’t just dedicated to one or two sports. Instead, Nadasfan’s channel truly is a sports gaming universe featuring console games to mobile apps; one day may star some Madden NFL 17 gameplay and an MLB The Show 16 video from one of his many Road to the Show players while the next may be a mix of NHL 17 and a live stream, complete with an appearance from his young son, Coleman.

This year, Nadas has already announced two MyCareer series: a center named Bigg Mann who returns from NBA 2K11 and Leroy Mack, a shooting guard who first appeared in Nadas’ NBA 2K14 adventures on the then-next generation consoles. Like with Quinn, Nadas isn’t going to bore you with in-depth discussions of the rhombus offense, but he’ll give you diversity and creativity with his custom storylines and dedication to his fan base.

[Image by NBA 2K]

6. Bud22089

Specialty: MyTeam/MyCareer

Thoughts: I want to put it out there that though I’m not a huge MyTeam fan — or of any of the card-collecting game modes — Bud22089 is one of the few who can keep me genuinely interested in a pack opening video. Thanks to the game’s wide customization features and a love of history, Bud has found ways to make MyTeam videos fun for viewers, including re-creating college teams and classic teams with the various cards he obtains. In fact, the diehard Magic fan even did a LeBron James origin story solely using MyTeam cards.

5. QJB:

Specialty: MyCareer/MyTeam

Thoughts: Diehard QJB fans are going to hate me for ranking the man who inspired ‘Bridges Got Swag‘ so low on this list, but don’t misinterpret things: this guy is still among the best at what he does. With puns, his own remixes of popular songs, and a love for gaming, QJB has clearly earned his over 819,000 subscribers and could potentially hit a million subs before the end of 2016. QJB is one of those guys you need to watch to really appreciate his talents and what he brings to the table.

In recent years, QJB has also branched out to the Madden, MLB The Show, and FIFA series, though his heart still clearly remains with the NBA 2K franchise.

4. AFunkyDiabetic

Specialty: MyGM

Thoughts: One of the smaller channels on this list with just under 47,000 subscribers, AFunkyDiabetic — or AFD — also is one of the few on YouTube to actually do MyGM series rather than MYLEAGUE. A diehard Celtic fan, AFD has also become popular with fans thanks to his lists and analysis videos that range from why one person is primed for a big season or why a team holding on to another player was a mistake; in essence, AFD’s channel also acts as a blog, something that definitely appeals to viewers who get a bit tired of play game, trade for so-and-so, try to cut this player and not face a cap penalty, etc.

The one thing that may turn some viewers off, however, is AFD’s way of speaking and commentating which features many pauses and unnecessary breaks. Think William Shatner, if you will.

3. CSB

Specialty: MYLEAGUE

Thoughts: In the way that N.W.A changed gangsta rap and Allen Iverson changed the NBA’s hip-hop culture, the man known as CSB has begun the process of changing the NBA 2K community. One of the louder and more explosive commentators on this list, CSB has become big in the past two years thanks to his rebuilding challenges that contain the following:

  • A team must win a championship in a certain amount of time, normally within three years.
  • CSB then adds certain challenges to the list, like all players must be white or he can’t have higher than a certain overall at the start of year one. Depending on the challenge, this does not apply to the draft and free agency.
  • If a team wins in year one, they must win another championship or the challenge could potentially be considered a failure.
  • Hasheem Thabeet, Brian Scalabrine, and Boban Marjanovic must be acquired at some point.

YouTubers have always loved doing rebuilds, but CSB’s way of handling them and adding more challenges has completely changed the trend and inspired more people to follow in his footsteps. Rather than just use the standard rebuilding teams like the Philadelphia 76ers, Brooklyn Nets, and Phoenix Suns, CSB has rebuilt both current day powerhouses and classic teams within the game, as well. Headphones are advised when watching CSB, though it’s advised that the volume is not too loud because your ears will hurt if something goes his way.

2. Chris Smoove

Specialty: MyCareer

Thoughts: Everyone knows Chris Smoove. To be blunt, this is a man who has inspired thousands of aspiring YouTubers and broadcasters With such catchphrases as “that’s a murder!” and “SPLASH”, Smoove has become an icon and an inspiration for thousands of aspiring YouTubers and broadcasters. It’s because of Smoove that so many MyCareer-oriented YouTubers have made a channel, purchased some sort of recording equipment, and began using the money for their college fund to max out their player’s stats.

This year, Smoove will be running two MyCareer players: his normal Chris Smoove point guard and Moses Cuh, a dreadlocked center who returns from NBA 2K15. At this point, if you don’t know Smoove, then that’s a noob move.

1. Mike Korzemba

Specialty: NBA What-Ifs/Conspiracies

Thoughts: Earlier, I mentioned how AFunkyDiabetic has turned his channel into something akin to a blog. I’m not even going to bore with you the details on Mike Korzema and why he’s No. 1 on this list, instead pointing you to this playlist.

In-depth what ifs with actual gameplay too? If you call yourself an NBA fan and you’re not subbed to Korzemba, make that change now.

[Featured Image by Chris Smoove/YouTube]

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