Apple iPhone 7’s Initial Stock Sold Out Globally

Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 7, has garnered more sales than expected, so much that the initial stock of the iPhone 7 has sold out globally.

Apple’s iPhone 7 is no longer available in stores, according to a statement released by the company. This means that for the next few weeks, users will not be able to buy the phone from any of the company’s stores until the next stock becomes available. This is bad news or anyone planning to get their hands on one of the latest products that the company has to offer, especially for those that wanted to pick up the iPhone 7 Plus.

A statement issued out by the company revealed that there is no more inventory for the iPhone 7 plus because all the color variants sold out through the online preorder for the device. This means that anyone who wants to purchase an iPhone 7, especially the jet black version, will just have to make an online order and wait since the handsets are no longer available in stores.

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The jet black version of the iPhone seems to be the favorite of most shoppers but unfortunately, its stock seems to have run out quicker than the other color variants of the iPhone 7. The situation is good news for Apple because it means that the handset is experiencing healthy demand despite expectations of low demand. Trudy Muller, a representative from Apple, told Reuters that the company was pleased with the performance of the device within the first few days after its launch.

“We sincerely appreciate our customers’ patience as we work hard to get the new iPhone into the hands of everyone who wants one as quickly as possible.”

Before the launch of the handset, there were a few issues that analysts thought would cause low demand for the iPhone 7. The fact that the handset would not feature the 3.5 mm headphone hack as well as the massive overhaul expected in the 2018 iPhone had a lot to do with the negative predictions. It seems that those factors have not had any impact on the demand so far.

In fact, the demand for the iPhone 7 has been so impressive that people have camped outside the Apple stores in anticipation of the device. This highlights just how much the iPhone 7 handsets are in demand.

Apple is also not the only firm that is cashing in on the iPhone 7 sales. A company known as Spigen is already offering a variety of iPhone 7 cases. The company sells custom handset cases online.

Anyone looking to buy an iPhone 7 anytime soon is advised to consider making an online order since going to the stores will be no good. Online orders may also take some time to come through because there is already a huge backlog. Apple’s website is already showing a two- to three-week waiting period for those ordering their devices online. Carriers will also be affected by the limited stock, though they will most likely handle the customer order better. Customers may have to wait for as long as five weeks for the iPhone to be available. The jet black iPhone may not be available until November.

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Apple claims that it will not release the sales numbers for the first weekend because it claims that the sales are a reflection of the supply rather than the demand. The decision had raised concerns among analysts who fear that the company’s sales may be leveling but analyst Jan Dawson, of Jackdaw Research, told Fortune that it is not the case through an email.

“Based on everything I’ve seen it looks like demand is very strong,”

Apple Stock was trading at $114.35 on a volume 7.76 million shares. The impressive uptake of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is expected to have a positive impact on the stock.

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