When Will ‘Ajin: Demi-Human’ Season 2 Be On Netflix?

Ajin: Demi-Human is among the ever growing list of Netflix Original anime series currently on Netflix. Anime fanatics with a Netflix subscription agree this is one of the better series currently on the list. Naturally, this means Ajin: Demi-Human have been anxiously waiting for information regarding when Season 2 would become available to Netflix.

Fortunately, Ajin: Demi-Human fans don’t have to wait any longer. Season 2 is going to be on Netflix, and it will be here soon.

For some anime fans – and just Netflix users in general – it is not uncommon to avoid a series until a couple of seasons are available to make binge-watching the series a little more satisfying. For anyone who falls into that category, you might be wondering: what is this series about?

Ajin: Demi-Human is an animated series created by Polygon Pictures (who happens to be the big name behind a few other Netflix anime series as well.) This particular company decided to take on the manga series – using the same name – and turn it into an anime. This manga series does have a few movies in the works as well, but they have nothing to do with Netflix.

Kei Nagai is the main character in the series Ajin: Demi-Human. Kei is a young high schooler who leans he is an immortal demi-human. Upon making the discovery, he ends up having to live off the grid because authorities are trying to hunt him down.

If you prefer visuals, below is a trailer of what the series is all about.


It was back on April 12 of this year that Season 1 of Ajin: Demi-Human was released on Netflix. Unfortunately for Ajin: Demi-Human fans, there has been a whole slew of release schedules announced regarding Season 2. Fortunately, What’s On Netflix has done a lot of speculating on what the most likely probability is.

Season 2 of Ajin: Demi-Human is scheduled to start airing on October 7 of this year in Japan. Hopefully, Season 2 of Ajin: Demi-Human will keep to a similar schedule as Season 1. With Season 1, it was added to Netflix a few days after the entire season finished airing in Japan. Unfortunately for Ajin: Demi-Human fans, this does mean it is unlikely that the series will hit Netflix this year.

Fortunately, What’s on Netflix does not expect Ajin: Demi-Human fans to have to wait too long into the next year to enjoy Season 2 of the series. As long as it keeps to the same schedule as Season 1, fans can expect Netflix to release Season 2 toward the end of January or beginning of February of next year when Season 2 should finish airing on television.

This prediction, however, is assuming Netflix does not work out some type of new deal to get weekly episodes of the series after they air in Japan. While Ajin: Demi-Human would certainly love to get weekly episodes after they air in Japan, it is just going to make it even more frustrating for binge waters to deal with all the possible cliffhangers at the end of each episode.

For any Ajin: Demi-Human fans who don’t like watching subbed anime, Netflix will more than likely provide the series in a number of dubbed languages including English, French, German, and Spanish. Languages outside of these four will likely be available in subtitles.

For anime lovers who cannot wait for the release of Season 2 of Ajin: Demi-Human, other Netflix Original anime series you can check out include Glitter Force, Knights of Sidonia, Kuromukuro, and The Seven Deadly Sins, according to What’s on Netflix.

Have you already watched Season 1 of Ajin: Demi-Human on Netflix? Will you be watching Season 2 when it gets released? Would you prefer Netflix to work out a weekly episode deal to get episodes of Ajin: Demi-Human faster or are you – like many other anime fanatics – more of a binge water?

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