American Horror Story ‘Nightmare’: New Maze At Universal Halloween Horror Nights

American Horror Story Season 6 premieres tonight on FX. What’s more is that Universal Studios’ annual Halloween Horror Nights event has announced that their centerpiece attraction will be an over-sized ode to three seasons of American Horror Story.

What’s Halloween without the vampires, scary clowns, and ghosts?

The attraction will be a maze that people can walk through and feel the spookiness of Halloween and American Horror Story.

Murder House was the American Horror Story kick-off season that introduced FX viewers to Rubber Man and the spooky Harmon family’s cursed mansion.

Freak Show was American Horror Story’s fourth cycle which featured Twisty the Clown, Edward Mordrake, Elsa Mars, and the rest of her horrifying circus performers.

The latest season, Hotel, starred Lady Gaga as a bloodthirsty vampire Countess and proprietor of the haunted Hotel Cortez.

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All three seasons will be a part of Universals’ real-life interpretation of the series at the annual Halloween Horror Nights event.

John Murdy and Michael Aiello are the creative directors and producers of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal’s Hollywood and Orlando theme parks according to Entertainment Weekly.

The American Horror Story attraction will join other popular Horror Nights attractions including The Exorcist, Freddy vs. Jason, Krampus and The Walking Dead.

Entertainment Weekly sat down with the creative directors and producers, Murdy and Aiello, to ask them about the new American Horror Story attraction, which opens September 16, coincidentally just two days after the premiere of the mysterious Season 6 on September 14.

When creating the American Horror Story attraction for Universal Studios, the creative directors took to social media to find out what the fans wanted to see.

“You go online and read as much as you possibly can to know what your audience is wanting, and then you research the heck out of it and watch it endlessly.”

“And being that Mike and I are people who scare people for a living, then we try to put it into our world.”

Both Murdy and Aiello admitted to being big American Horror Story fans themselves.

“Absolutely. It’s the fans. And the other great thing about the job is that we are at our very core both horror fans as well, so we’re the same fans who are watching that series.”

“So in looking at what’s out there for us to pull from and adapt, AHS was at the top of the list for many years, and the planets aligned this year very conveniently to allow us to be able to feature it both coasts.”

Both creative directors were excited when they learned that Ryan Murphy wanted to be a part of the creation. Murphy apparently gave great input for the design of the mazes.

The directors were asked how they made the decision to focus the maze attraction on just three seasons of American Horror Story.

“It was an exercise in trying to really key into…some touchstones throughout the gamut of the series. Trying to do all of the seasons at once, in our opinion, would have been a disservice to each one of the installments, because there are so many characters and environments.”

“To narrow it down to three on this occasion, to be able to give each season its worth, so to speak, was definitely a path we wanted to go down.”

Murder House was an obvious choice, being the series premiere season and ending with Hotel, the series most recent season.

Freak Show brought something different and interesting to the maze attraction.

The American Horror Story Universal Halloween Horror Nights event opens this Friday, September 16, at both Universal Orlando and Universal Hollywood Studios.

Catch the premiere of American Horror Story tonight on FX.

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