Apple’s iPhone 7 On iOS 10 Has A Slew Of Hidden Features You Could Live Without, But Probably Don’t Want To

When you update your iPhone’s OS version, you’re likely expecting a huge overhaul of all major features. So, if Apple’s new iPhone and software update didn’t exactly drop your jaw to the floor, you could be forgiven for not wanting to update your device. But what if we told you that you were only seeing most of what the iPhone 7 has to offer? What if there were some useful yet subtle tricks that could enhance your iPhone experience?

Two Apple fans camping out in front of the Apple Store in Berlin, Germany, September 14, 2016. [Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]

Never Miss A Moment

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had this problem: You see something cute/cool/awesome and try to snap it with your iPhone, but it moves/gets obstructed/is over before you can open the camera. No need to worry any longer; the camera app can be opened very easily on the iPhone 7. As found, you only need to slide right from the lock screen using the new iPhone. Happy snapping!

Just Say “No” To Bloatware

Apple’s new iPhone also allows you to disable built-in apps that you don’t want. You can do this the same way you’d delete any other app, by holding your finger on it until the “x” appears. This is useful if you don’t want apps in your way, or if they seem to be hindering your phone’s performance. Just be sure to be careful what you delete as some apps are needed for optimal functioning. However, if things like Newsstand or Stocks are in your way, there’s no harm in disabling them and you can always get them back on your device.

Apple CEO Tim Cook (Center) shows an iPhone 7 to U.S. Olympic Team Members during a launch event, September 7 in San Francisco, CA. [Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images],

Redefining “Punching The Clock”

Did you know Apple’s iOS 10 also has a hidden function for night owls? Using the clock app can help you keep your sleep schedule on track. Because of the way our internal clocks work, sleeping on a consistent schedule makes getting up in the morning (slightly) easier. That’s why Apple has introduced the Bedtime feature to the iPhone 7. As the discovered, this improvement will remind you to go to sleep on time.

Better sleep isn’t just good for your internal clock, though; studies have shown it can lead to overall health benefits like weight loss, lowered risk for health complications, and of course, more energy during the day. You can thank your iPhone 7 and iOS 10 for better sleep.

Not Sure If Cool Or Terrifying

Facial Recognition has been coming into its own lately, and Apple hasn’t failed to notice. That’s why iOS 10 has a new (awesome?) feature that recognizes you and your friends in Photos. As will tell you, this feature then groups pictures by who’s in them so you can search for, say, that one Christmas party photo that should never see the light of day.

Tech giants like Facebook and Google have also been developing better facial recognition software for the same purpose, and companies like HP even have laptops that can be unlocked using facial recognition software. Sorta like what we thought the year 2000 would be like in 1990.

Use The Force

No, Apple didn’t suddenly give iOS 10 a Star Wars theme (we can dream). What it did do is let you change the intensity your flashlight shines at, according to TechCrunch. To do so, you’ll wanna use the Force — Force Touch. Introduced in the iPhone 6S, this convenient little feature changes how an iPhone reacts based on the pressure applied. It’s not just for flashlights, but in this case, tapping allows you to select bright, medium, or low-intensity beams.

Rule of Thumb

In the honorable mention category for “things that sound like Jedi abilities” is 3D Touch. As notes, this iPhone improvement adds the ability to act on an app by firm pressing it without having to enter said application. Pretty cool, but if you don’t like or want it, there’s also the ability to turn it off. Access your Settings menu, then tap Accessibility–>3D Touch and flip the switch on or off.

Helpful Siri Is Helpful

This little hack might the best of all, because you don’t have to do anything to activate it other than use it. Your iPhone’s Siri app is now integrated tightly with a variety of 3rd-party apps, so you can make requests of other programs right from the voice assistant menu.

The (non-exhaustive) list of apps that interface with iPhone include LinkedIn, Lyft, Uber, and payment app Venmo. More apps will likely be added to this list as time goes on and iPhones become more refined. Siri also seems to be going the direction of predicting what you need before you need it, so opening it up to 3rd-party apps could lead to some interesting developments.

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