Mariah Carey’s Brother In Hiding After He Called Her Out And Shared Her Darkest Secrets?

The drama in the Carey family continues, and a feud that has arisen between superstar Mariah Carey and her siblings blazes on.

The issue that has sparked the estrangement between Mariah and her siblings involves allegations that the star refuses to assist her HIV positive and troubled sister, Alison Carey, even after her older sister made a video pleading for financial support for medical treatments.

Carey recently spoke out about why she has not offered assistance to her drug-addicted and ill sister, which involves the fact that she has helped out in the past by offering money to Alison, yet her sister has blown the cash on her addictions. Mariah reportedly even has paid for rehab for her sister, yet Alison has checked out early each time to return to her habits.

Mariah’s older brother, Morgan, recently spoke out against the diva, complaining that the “Hero” singer has abandoned the family. Morgan also went on to share dark family secrets, as Radar Online notes.

“The singer’s siblings exposed those secrets in a series of blockbuster interviews — revealed first by Radar. According to her older brother, Morgan, and HIV-positive sister Alison, Grammy winner Mariah was subjected to devil-worshipping rituals as a child — and she endangered her twins by boozing!”

The publication goes on to state that Morgan is now living in fear and has taken off to Italy to be away from Mariah, worrying that his complaining about his star sister will come back to haunt him. Morgan had some pretty cutting words about his sister’s lifestyle and claims that her life is all a big cover-up about the truth that they all have in their past.

“It’s about protecting this fiction… this image that she has created. It’s about keeping the darkest secrets covered up.”

The publication goes on to state that Mariah has similar bizarre behavior to her own mother, Pat, a 79-year-old former opera singer. Radar alleges that Carey boozes and takes prescription pills, indicating that she is in need of help, just like her older sister. Both Alison and Morgan share that Pat subjected both her daughters to horrible and evil satanic rituals.

Alison has been the most obviously troubled out the siblings, having just recently been arrested on prostitution charges, as People notes, after an undercover police officer responded to an ad she created and then apprehended Carey. Within the ad, in a means to get back at her sister Mariah, who has been estranged from her for a decade, Alison quoted lyrics from the Grammy winner’s hit song “Fantasy.”

Morgan also relayed a scenario involving Carey, just after she gave birth to her twins Moroccan and Monroe, now 5, whom she shares with ex-husband Nick Cannon. Her 62-year-old brother claims that following the birth, he went to visit Mariah in the maternity ward and the singer handed him several bottles of wine covered in a blanket and ordered him to “get rid of it.”

“It’s a chronic behavior she absorbed and learned from Pat. My worst fear is that she’ll die just like Whitney Houston.”

Although these words have reportedly come from her brother Morgan, it’s worth noting that both he and Alison are upset with Carey right now and perhaps a bit jealous that, despite their mother’s shortcomings, she has risen above and made a comfortable life for herself. Carey is not just comfortable but worth millions and is set to marry billionaire businessman from Australia, James Packer. The two even reportedly have his and hers yachts. Mariah has remained hushed about the claims her brother has fired her way and continues to prepare for the launch of her Mariah’s World docu-series while continuing her world tour and Vegas residency.

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