‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ Spoilers: The Father Is…

Ever since the announcement of Bridget Jones’s Baby, audiences have been wondering: Who’s the father? If you don’t want the surprise ruined, stop reading now — this post contains Bridget Jones’s Baby spoilers!

The third film (and potentially final) in the Bridget Jones series promised viewers a shocking new twist in Bridget Jones’ life: she’s single, having broken up with her previous boyfriend Mark Darcy, and she’s pregnant.

The trailers for Bridget Jones’s Baby heavily advertised Bridget’s surprise pregnancy and her difficulty in figuring out the identity of the father of her child. Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) or newcomer Jack Qwant (played by Patrick Dempsey) could potentially be the father of Bridget Jones’ baby.

If you’re looking for Bridget Jones’s Baby spoilers, look no further. First, let’s examine the backstories of Mark and Jack and their relationships with Bridget.

Darcy is, of course, Bridget’s human rights lawyer ex-boyfriend who has previously appeared in both Bridget Jones’s Diary and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. In Bridget Jones’s Baby, Bridget and Mark are reunited and rekindle their flame, sharing a night of passion together. Bridget, however, leaves in the morning, as she remembers all too well Mark’s inability to put her first.

Audiences are left wondering: Isn’t Mark Darcy the perfect father of Bridget Jones’ baby? After all, they have 10 years of history together.

Jack, on the other hand, is an outsider to the world of Bridget Jones. He’s an American tech millionaire who meets Bridget at a music festival, and feeling impulsive, she sleeps with him but leaves in the morning. When Jack finds out that he might be the father of Bridget’s baby, he’s overjoyed and insists on showering her with baby gifts and helping her through the labor process.

Just as Bridget Jones’s Baby presents Mark as a good father, it also portrays Jack as an ideal parent. Who better for Bridget Jones than a man who’s sweet, loving, and a millionaire to boot?

The identity of Bridget’s baby’s father is not revealed until the delivery near the end of the film.

Just after Bridget Jones delivers her baby, her doctor calls both Mark and Jack away to reveal to them which of them is the father. The announcement happens offscreen, and the audience is left wondering about the identity of the father of Bridget’s baby until the final scene. Bridget is shown walking down the aisle in a church to meet her new husband, who is, of course, Mark Darcy, as to be expected!

Jack is shown holding Bridget Jones’ baby at the wedding, leading the audience to believe that Bridget is marrying Mark but Jack is the father. However, in a final twist, Mark approaches Jack and tells him playfully to “give me back my son.”

Bustle actually predicted this weeks before the release of the film. By analyzing “Still Falling for You,” the end credit song to Bridget Jones’s Baby, writer Olivia Truffaut-Wong discovers that the song’s lyrics bear a resemblance to Bridget and Mark’s relationship.

“When we meet Mark and Bridget again in Bridget Jones’s Baby, they’ve been broken up for a while after being in a relationship for years. In other words: They have history. Just knowing their history, ‘Still Falling For You’ seems to be more applicable to them than Bridget and Jack.”

This fairytale ending for Bridget should certainly make long-term fans of the series happy.

“I SWEAR TO GOD THE FATHER OF BRIDGET JONES BABY BETTER BE MARK DARCY OR ELSE THE WRITERS BOUT TO CATCH THESE HANDS,” tweeted one passionate fan who’ll be very pleased when she sees the film.

Bridget Jones’s Baby premieres in theaters this Friday. Are you happy about Bridget and Mark, or do you wish Jack was the father?

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