Lance Bass Opens Up About Being Gay And Notes He Was Asexual While With ‘N Sync [Video]

Lance Bass discussed hiding his homosexuality during a Tuesday interview on The Ricki Lake Show. The former ‘N Sync singer openly discussed the struggles he had with his sexuality and notes he is now living a spiritually-fulfilled and happy life, regardless of how the decision to come out as gay may have impacted his career.

The former boy band star came out in 2006. He described the decision to publicly announce that he is gay as a life-changing moment. Bass stated during the recent interview that the statement was what he wanted to do, whether it changed his life for better or for worse, Radar Online notes.

Bass had this to say about his coming out:

“I would rather be in a position where I could help other people than be the biggest superstar in the world and pretend to be straight. I didn’t tell a single person when I was with ‘N Sync. I didn’t tell a friend, a family member, nothing like that. As long as I was with ‘N Sync, I didn’t date a guy, I was completely asexual.”

The singer went on to note that he kept his homosexuality a “deep dark secret” for years. Lance reportedly feared that coming out as gay would ruin the popularity of the extremely lucrative boy band. The 33-year-old Mississippi native also stated that he knew from the time he was a preschooler that he was gay, and mentioned a crush he had on another boy while attending kindergarten.

While masquerading as a typical heterosexual guy, Lance Bass also recalled listening to people’s misconceptions and jokes about the gay community.

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