Gigi Hadid, The New Tommy Girl, Spills The Details Of Her New Tommy x Gigi Job

Gigi Hadid is the new Tommy Girl. She’s living in New York City again and working out of the Tommy Building where she has her own studio style office. Gigi is very excited about the opportunity to work with a leading designer.

The Tommy Hilfiger brand was extremely popular in the 1990’s. The company had a trendy and stylish image with young people in that era. According to Bloomberg, the brand has experienced gradually declining sales in women’s fashion since the turn of the century.

Gigi Hadid, the new Tommy Girl, is expected to do wonders for the company image, and also give the brand an overall style makeover. It is Hadid’s job to take the brand into the twenty-first century, by designing and perhaps even defining contemporary fashion.

Tommy Hilfiger executives and their parent company PVH are calling Hadid their ambassador to the world. She will be the model, designer, liaison, and branding symbol for the entire women’s clothing line, but especially the young trendy brand Tommy x Gigi.

Gigi Hadid’s excitement was obvious as she explained her job to Harper’s Bazaar.

“When I was working with Tommy Hilfiger on the collection, I was contracted to stay for only one hour for each design meeting, but I ended up staying seven or eight hours sometimes.”

Gigi Hadid enjoys being the new Tommy Girl. She says everyone she met during her early weeks with the company made her feel very welcome. The Hilfiger team loves Gigi as well. They even made her cupcakes with her name on them. They also put a sign on her door that reads “Gigi’s Studio.” Gigi loved that.

Tommy Hilfiger certainly chose the right woman for the job. Hadid is ensuring the quality of her clothing line. She is spending extra time on the job and loving every minute of it.

“I worked a lot with the textures first before we started getting into shapes because I wanted the clothes to feel good. I wanted the sweaters to be soft, and the coats to be a good thickness, and all of the little things.”

Gigi Hadid realized right away that the quality of the fabric means a lot to women. Comfort in clothing is a tremendous luxury that women are starting to demand. Women will no longer tolerate a jacket that looks great but is too thin or a sweater that is real wool but unbearably scratchy. Today’s woman expects clothing that is both comfortable and beautiful, and Hadid plans to deliver.

The Tommy x Gigi line is comfortable, sensible, and very trendy. It features the kind of clothing women actually wear, not something reserved for some special occasion that doesn’t normally happen. These are the kinds of clothes women keep front and center of their closets.

Gigi Hadid is ensuring that the women who buy Tommy x Gigi items will be comfortable all day, every day. They will be warm when they wear Gigi’s jackets and cuddly and cozy when they wear the sweaters.

Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid want everyone to know that their customer’s comfort is of the utmost importance when designing the Tommy x Gigi line.

“I hope that people will feel the time we put into it when they put on the clothes because the quality was really important to us.”

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Gigi Hadid loves working with Tommy Hilfiger. The two hit it off right from the start as these two warm and friendly people, designed cozy yet stylish clothing for young trendy people. Hadid gushed warmly as she described her new friendship with Mr. Hilfiger.

“Designing with Tommy was an incredible experience. Every time I see him it reminds me that being positive is so important. He’s always happy and welcoming and warm, and it trickles down to his entire company. Being nice is so important. It’s something I think Tommy appreciates in me and something I appreciate in him, so that’s why we work well together.”

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Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid work well together. Fans already know that Hadid is a nice person and it is good to know that Mr. Hilfiger is also nice and treating their beloved Gigi really well. It is really good to know that she has a great work environment. She deserves this opportunity more than most.


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So which Tommy x Gigi fashions does Miss Hadid love most?

“My favorites from the collection are the long gray sweater with white stripes—I want to wear it all the time—and the bomber jacket.”

Gigi Hadid has always been known for her love of Bomber jackets. Now she has created a bomber jacket just like hers that her fans can buy and wear. Isn’t that nice?

Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger sat down together to create the Tommy x Gigi line so the girls who buy them can be both comfortable and trendy.

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