Dallas Cowboy Fans Brawl With Each Other After Loss To Giants [Video]

It was a Dallas Cowboy on Dallas Cowboy fan brawl after “America’s team” lost their home opener to the New York Giants by one point on Sunday.

For reasons unknown to this point, fans wearing Cowboys jerseys tried to deck each other in a fight at an AT&T Stadium concourse, although one participant who appears to be throwing punches seems to be wearing a plain T-shirt.

The melee that broke out in Cowboys Nation is hardly the norm for these sorts of hostile encounters that have unfortunately occurred in venues all across the country. The typical situation is that trash-talking fans, usually drunk, wearing home team gear get into a brawl with those wearing apparel of the visitors, as if they are actually members of the teams.

Why grown men and women at football, basketball, hockey, or baseball games feel the need to wear team jerseys with the names of other grown men on the back in the first place is another matter.

No one wearing a Giants jersey (for the team that plays in New Jersey) shows up in the fisticuffs in the video embedded below, however.

In NFL week one, Giants QB Eli Manning threw three touchdowns, including the go-ahead TD to comeback-minded Victor Cruz with six minutes left.

Led by first-year quarterback Dak Prescott (replacing the injured Tony Romo), the Cowboys still had an opportunity to set kicker Dan Bailey up for a game-winning, 58-yard field goal attempt in the closing seconds, but wide receiver Terrance Williams made the mistake of getting tackled in-bounds on the final play of the game, the Inquisitr previously recounted. Dallas takes on the Washington Redskins next week.

“While the Dallas Cowboys were fighting for a win against the New York Giants on Sunday, their fans were busy doing the same…only with each other. Take a watch as the tensions run high at AT&T Stadium, ultimately boiling over into an unfortunate Battle of the Classless. Thankfully the large majority of both Cowboys fans, and NFL fans overall, understand what it means to be an adult and carry themselves with dignity. And that’s a model everyone should follow,” 24/7 Sports commented about the fan-on-fan brawl in Arlington, Texas.

“Considering the Cowboys started a rookie quarterback in their home opener, you’d assume fans wouldn’t be that distraught over a one-point loss. Nope. It’s looking like Cowboys fans were on edge [Sunday] afternoon — so much so that some of them decided to fight each other in a massive concourse fight,” Busted Coverage quipped.

SportsGrid advanced this theory about what caused Sunday’s Cowboys brawl.

“In all likelihood, Sunday’s mutiny in Dallas was the result of an argument over whether or not Terrance Williams should’ve/could’ve safely reached the sideline with four seconds left in regulation.Or maybe it was just football fans doing what they’re best at. Who knows? All that really matters is that there’s a grainy cellphone video of a bunch of Cowboys fans throwing haymakers in a crowded concourse at AT&T Stadium while (what sounds like) women grunted in the background. Football’s back, folks. Let the violence commence!”

During an August pre-season game, Cowboys fans and Los Angeles Rams fans brawled in the stands at the Los Angeles Coliseum, a matchup that Dallas also lost.

The NFL (and other sports leagues) generates huge profits through jersey sales. Stepping back though, apart from the players, does it make sense for anyone but team employees, stockholders, and family members to wear this expensive gear? And if such violence continues, taking into consideration the revenue garnered from beer sales making it unlikely that the spigot will be turned off, here’s a prediction: Away team jerseys will eventually be banned from stadiums and arenas.

Emotions can sometimes run high among sports fans, especially if beer muscles are involved. In general, do you think that a cohort of professional and college sports fans are becoming more violent when they attend games in person?

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