Octomom Gets A New House

Octomom is finally going to move her massive brood into a new home. After multiple failed endeavors to put a roof over her head, Nadya Suleman started packing her belongings into moving trucks on Sunday. She and her 14 children are moving into a 5,000-square-foot home in Palmdale, California, according to TMZ.

After the home Suleman was living in was foreclosed upon, the Octomom began a search for new living quarters large enough to accommodate her large family. As reported earlier on The Inquisitr, the Octomom was supposed to move into a different home in Palmdale, but the deal fell apart at the last minute. TMZ claims Suleman thought the owner of the first potential home was shady, so she pulled out of the deal. Before the last effort to move into a new home, the infamous mom was allegedly rejected by multiple landlords, The Hollywood Gossip reports.

Moving photos posted on TMZ show almost as much furniture in the dumpster as was placed in the moving van. Although the images appear to be shot from a distance, the mattresses and other miscellaneous household items which were cast aside still looked like they had a lot of life left in them.

If TMZ reports about the Octomom’s new house are accurate, she got a really desirable deal on her new Palmdale home. Suleman snagged the spacious new home for $2,500 per month, and her first payment isn’t due until April. Perhaps the supposed rent-free months enabled one of the most famous mother’s in the world to purchase new home furnishings for her growing children.

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