Jaden Smith: How He Became The King Of The Undead, Proof That He’s Alive And What He Thinks About The Suicide Hoax [Video]

Jaden Smith’s life and death have become the wild ride of the summer. Is he alive or isn’t he? Did Jaden Smith really kill himself? The true is that Jaden Smith is alive. Either that or he has one heck of a convincing body double. In fact, the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith has been out and about, generally just living his life, while the rumors of his death by suicide have dominated the internet for months.

The rumors of Jaden Smith’s suicide got their start on Facebook as an epic death hoax. Involving links with provocative headlines and a marketing ploy that worked almost like a virus, it didn’t take long for the king of social media to become the king of the undead. Over and over again.


Despite the fact that it was repeatedly proven that Jaden Smith was and is still among the living, people are still falling for the Jaden Smith death hoax. The rumors of Jaden’s untimely and self-inflicted death continue to spawn condolences on Twitter and other social media sites, with fans and critics of the gender-bending teen star publicly hoping that he is resting in peace.

Reportedly, the family of Jaden Smith even got a slew of private condolences from loved ones shocked by the news of young Jaden Smith’s tragic death. All the while and in the midst of all the death hoax and suicide drama, Jaden Smith simply continued to live his life. His social media followers were treated to the patented Jaden Smith brand of ambiguous and enigmatic humor, as well as cryptic photos and phrases that could have come from no one but Jaden.

During the summer of his repeated deaths, Jaden Smith’s career also skyrocketed. His Netflix project The Get Down was a phenomenal success. He dropped a new song, presumably the first single from the long-awaited Jaden Smith solo album. He’s collaborated with a ton of other artists. His clothing line, MSFTSREP, geared to the guy who wants to wear a dress and the tomboyish girl, is generating a wild amount of buzz. Not to mention that his modeling career is of the charts, with the face and bod of Jaden Smith appearing in exclusive campaigns and on magazine covers all over the world.

It has been widely speculated that Jaden Smith and/or his PR team may have been behind these persistent death rumors, because keeping Jaden Smith mostly dead all summer has kept his name on everyone’s lips and keyboards.

With his name dominating social media, all of Jaden Smith’s projects have gotten that much more free publicity. With the added bonus of Jaden not actually having to kick the bucket to get the traditional post-death celebrity popularity bounce.

In fact, the summer of the Jaden Smith death/suicide hoax has been so helpful for Jaden Smith’s career that he has been among the top trending celebs on social media and around the web for weeks.

Despite all of the talk of Jaden Smith committing suicide, and even though stories of Jaden Smith’s death have dogged him as he’s enjoyed his jet-setting lifestyle during the summer of 2016, the usually outspoken Jaden Smith has stayed completely mum on the rumors that have the internet killing him off practically every other week.

Until now.

As Hollywood Life reports, a source close to Jaden Smith reportedly spoke out to the media about Jaden’s reaction to the repeated news that he was dead by his own hand. According to the source, Jaden Smith is viewing the repeated stories that he’s killed himself in a positive light. Rather than being upset or mad that he’s been incessantly targeted by one of the most widespread internet death hoaxes in recent history, Jaden reportedly believes that all of the rumors mean that he’s made it and that he’s well-liked, too.

“Jaden [Smith] is OK with the death hoax, because, to him, it shows that people actually care about him. He is using it as a badge of honor, like you haven’t made it until you are involved in a death hoax. Jaden is a very unique person and he is seeing this as a sign that people care about him and he should use the time he has on earth to make a difference. It has opened his eyes to make what he does have purpose.”

What do you think? Is Jaden Smith behind his own death hoax? Or could it be that he’s really so loved and has made it so big that the world and his fans are honoring Jaden Smith with suicide rumors that won’t die?

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