‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Tuesday Night Show Is Not Live For ‘BB18’ Houseguests, Despite CBS Claims

Big Brother 18 spoilers might be providing fans with false information about the BB18 house this summer. CBS has been heavily promoting that there will be two live evictions this week, with two houseguests getting sent to the jury on different days. Maybe it’s time fans started paying closer attention to the warning that the network has attached to the live feeds: “To preserve the integrity of Big Brother, the feeds may be edited, delayed, and/or blacked out on occasion at CBS’s sole discretion.”

So why is it worth mentioning that statement with just nine days left in the competition? It links directly to the promotional advertisements that CBS is running and which host Julie Chen is sharing on her Twitter account. The video, which is presented below this paragraph, advertises what will take place during the current week of the show. In the video, one particular component of the Big Brother 18 spoilers is discussed, as the voiceover tells fans that there will be “two live evictions” taking place.

On Monday, September 12, the live feeds were shut down so that producers could begin taping footage for upcoming episodes. Among the most notable moments of that taping schedule was an eviction ceremony that was taped on Monday night. This is where the final five houseguests voted to send someone new to the BB18 jury. There are even a lot of Big Brother 18 rumors about who was evicted and who won the following Head of Household competition. Those stories have not been confirmed yet, but it does reveal some potentially frustrating information to fans.

The Tuesday eviction ceremony that will be shown on CBS has already been taped. It won’t be “live” at all; not even on the East Coast version of the broadcast. Host Julie Chen will be seen in front of a studio audience, but there is nothing “live” about the presentation that television viewers are going to see. Instead, it appears that producers and the network want to convince fans that it is live, with advertisements such as the one above intended to draw more eyes to this particular episode. It will work, but did they really need to call it a live eviction?

The Wednesday night episode on September 14 will be live for the East Coast, but it will be taped for the West Coast viewers. That is typically how the show works, with Big Brother 18 spoilers immediately hitting the internet as soon as the episode ends on the East Coast. With the Tuesday night show, though, everything has already been settled inside the BB18 house, so it is very unclear why CBS would want to go with this ruse when it comes to advertising. Most fans that are paying attention already realize it isn’t live on Tuesday night, and yet the advertising persists.

Despite the September 13 episode not being live, there is going to be a lot of excitement for viewers. The latest Power of Veto competition will be shown, the seventh member of the BB18 jury is going to be revealed, and the next Head of Household competition will begin. This will lead to the first guaranteed spot in the final three, with more action to come during the “live” episode on September 14. A lot of Big Brother 18 spoilers will come from the live feeds once the Tuesday episode has been shown, with fans ready to share that information across social media.

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