iOS 10 Release Date: An Inside Look At Apple’s Newest OS, Plus How You Can Get It Now

With Apple having hosted a Keynote Event this past Wednesday, the new iPhone and iOS 10 are on everybody’s minds. If you haven’t gotten access to the new iOS just yet, you might be feeling a little like the last kid picked in gym class. No worries, though. You can find out all the features, inside tips, and more you need to know about iOS 10 if you’re still waiting to get it.

More Control Over Apps mentions that iOS 10 will now allow you to delete apps that come installed with the phone. This is one of the biggest complaints iOS users have had in the past due to the fact that Android users can disable apps that are in their way. Deleting system apps will free up space and improve your phone’s performance while getting rid of things you don’t want or won’t use. It’s a win-win.

Craig Federighi, Senior VP of Software Engineering for Apple, speaks about iOS 7 onstage at a product announcement at Apple’s campus. [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

iMessage Gets An Upgrade

Perhaps long overdue, iMessage will come with a host of new features in iOS 10. The Chicago Tribune found that some of these features include text effects, animated visuals, and stickers similar to Facebook Messenger. Facebook announced plans some months ago to expand Messenger into its own platform, and this seems to be where Apple is taking cues. You’ll also be able to book restaurants and set reminders using Siri directly from messages, which is never a bad feature to have.

Apple Senior VP of Marketing Phil Schiller speaking about the iPhone 5S during a product announcement on Apple’s campus. [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

Siri Gets Stronger

As Apple Insider discovered, Siri is making some more room for iOS 10 developers. This means that a slew of apps such as Lyft, Pinterest, and Square Cash will now interface directly with Siri. Bottom line: You’ll be able to book a ride directly through Siri using, for example, Uber or Lyft and get information on reservations using the ever-popular OpenTable. This may not sound like a huge deal, but it brings Siri to a new level, making it as powerful as competitors like Google Now and Cortana.

Easier Wake Up

These days, everyone’s phones are becoming more and more like their secretaries. They tell us our agendas for the week, remind us about tasks, and so much more. Apple thinks you should be able to get your notifications as soon as you wake up your phone. Meet Raise to Wake.

Gizmodo found that this handy feature shows the lock screen as soon as you pick up your iOS 10 device. Android users have also had this nifty feature since Android L was first a thing in the form of Smart Alert. Specifically, the Droid Moto X makes big use of this feature to determine when you want to be notified and when you’d rather be left alone.

New Look For Notifications

Older iPhones had notifications that did not by any means look bad, but if you liked those, you’ll love the new notifications in iOS 10. They’re cleaner, sharper, and more useful. As found, a single hard press on a message lets you open attachments, reply, or watch a sent video right from the lock screen. This also mimics a feature from Android devices that lets Droid users respond to texts via a pop-up notification without having to leave what they’re doing at the moment.

Nearly Endless Storage

Perhaps one of the lesser-known iOS 10 features allows you to clear out storage on your iPhone — and you barely even have to do anything! As will tell you, this handy feature can be accessed via Settings–>Music–>Downloads and then setting the Optimized Storage switch to On. Finally, you simply choose how much space your iPhone’s music is allowed to take up, and songs you haven’t listened to in a while will be auto-deleted. This may be an attempt to compete with Samsung Phones, which can be expanded via SD cards to include more storage than they were originally sold with.

New Emojis

Apple has also expanded the choice of emojis available in iOS 10. Specifically, there are over 100 new little guys and girls added, as any frequent texter will notice. The smileys run the gamut from men and women biking to male and female cops, and even swimmers and body builders. The Next Web notes that the Revolver emoticon from iOS 9 is now a squirt gun, and the LGBT Rainbow Flag is also an added option in iOS 10.

iOS 10 is available on all iOS 10 devices starting today, but it may take some time to roll out to all devices.

To download iOS 10, you’ll need to await a message that says you have a software update available.
Tech Radar recommends backing up your iOS device before attempting an update in case something goes wrong. Then, access Settings–>General–>Software Update and Apple will walk you through the process of downloading iOS 10. This may take a good deal of battery and data, so being connected to Wi-Fi is a good idea, as is having your phone plugged into a charger.

Which new features are you most excited about in iOS 10? Did Apple leave out anything you’d like to see or perhaps do something you would have done differently? Let us know below.

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