‘Destiny’ Private Matches Go Live Ahead Of ‘Rise Of Iron’, Maps Hold Hidden Ghosts

Bungie dropped another surprise on Destiny players Tuesday leading into the release of Rise of Iron next week. Private Matches have been enabled for the Crucible multiplayer, and some of the available maps even play host to hidden Dead Ghosts.

The addition of Private Matches to Destiny’s multiplayer allows players to set up their own matches for groups of one to 12 players with custom settings. This will be available to all Destiny owners on PS4 and Xbox One whether they own Rise of Iron or not.

Game options include the ability to choose any of the game types and maps available in the game, a Score Limit, Time Limit, and Light Level. The Light Level option is to make a match more like Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner, where a character’s Light Level counts or not.

Additionally, some maps will offer additional options for the time of day if they are outside, while others will be big enough to support vehicles. The latter is somewhat surprising as Destiny’s vehicle game modes were dropped not long into its first year.

Destiny: Rise of Iron (PS4, Xbox One)
[Image via Bungie / Activision]

Clans will be able to showcase their name when hosting Private Matches as they invite other players, and possibly, other clans in to compete. Players who are clan-less can still host Private Matches.

The new Supremacy mode is not available for Crucible Private Matches yet. It will become available when Destiny: Rise of Iron goes live. Additionally, the Doubles mode does not appear to be available yet.

Interestingly, some of the Crucible Grimoire can be earned while getting wins and kills in Private Matches. There are exceptions, though. Grimoire cards earned from playing maps don’t appear to be obtainable at this time. You can still earn Grimoire towards the various modes with the exception of Doubles for some reason. Grimoire from Salvage, Rumble, and the rest are available.

Destiny players should also not expect to be able to complete quests in Private Matches, like the Jolly Holiday quest for the Chaperone.

Destiny: Rise of Iron (PS4, Xbox One)
[Image via Bungie / Activision]

Despite this mix of restrictions, Bungie has given Destiny fans a reason to load up each of the maps and explore them by themselves. Dead Ghosts can be found in each of the available maps. This has been confirmed by a Twitter post from IGN’s Dustin Legarie and the Destiny Reddit community.

Note that reviving these Dead Ghosts does result in obtaining new Grimoire cards and adding to player’s Grimoire score.

The addition of Private Matches and adding Dead Ghosts to maps is the second surprise Bungie has provided Destiny players Tuesday. The first came with the Weekly Reset where it was revealed that all King’s Fall Raid Challenges have been enabled. The Challenges for the Warpriest, Golgorth, and Oryx are all available to complete in the King’s Fall Raid until the Weekly Reset on September 20.

Additionally, Destiny players get one last shot at Thalnok, Kagoor, and Balwur in the Court of Oryx before the release of Rise of Iron. Bungie turning on all these activities gives players a chance to complete key steps toward their Year Two Moments of Triumph before the expansion launches.

Tuesday, September 13 is also the final day to complete steps 5 and 6 of the “A Sword Reforged” Quest to receive an Exotic Sword, which is one of the requirements for the Moments of Triumph. Part of the quest line requires waiting until the next Armsday to collect a piece from the Weaponsmith. This gives players until September 14 to complete this step of the quest line.

What do you think of the new Destiny Private Match features and hidden Dead Ghosts? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via Bungie / Activision]

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