Rob Kardashian Cancels Blac Chyna Wedding: Thinks Baby Mama Is Too Verbally Abusive To Marry?

Rob Kardashian has reportedly shared his doubts as far as his wedding with Blac Chyna is concerned.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the twosome were supposedly planning to tie the knot over the summer, but after learning about Chyna’s untimely pregnancy, they decided to postpone it until next year so that they can focus all of their energy on the arrival of their baby.

It turns out that, as time has gone by, Rob has felt somewhat differently about Blac to the point where he’s not exactly sure whether he wants to end up marrying her, and according to Hollywood Life, the reality star has some valid points to back up his list of reasons.

Following the premiere episode of Rob & Chyna on Sunday evening on the E! network, fans got an inside look at how the couple is coping the forthcoming arrival of their baby girl while dealing with the drama surrounding the Kardashian family and their initial distaste for Blac dating Rob, USA Today reveals.

Blac proved herself to be quite feisty during the one-hour episode, even going as far as to kick Rob Kardashian out of her home. Sources continued to stress that Blac has been very hormonal during pregnancy and loses her patience more than ever with Rob, who heavily depends on his mother to do everything for him.

Chyna has more or less given him the tough love that he hasn’t experienced before, and being pregnant is a lot for the former stripper. But in Rob’s eyes, if he constantly finds himself being kicked out of the home the duo share together, Kardashian wonders how their relationship would work out once they’ve married.

The insider stresses that this does not mean Rob isn’t head over heels in love with Chyna, but he’s just concerned about their relationship as a married couple if Chyna is so verbally abusive and kicks him out of the house every other week.

“Rob’s still madly in love with Chyna,” the insider shared, “but in no way is he ready for a lifetime of fights, being kicked out of the house, and for Chyna to scream at him when she’s on one of her tirades.”

“He would never tell her this, but he isn’t so sure he wants to marry her. He simply doesn’t want to be verbally abused by her for eternity. Chyna’s a very complex woman, and Rob’s doing his best to understand her and love her as best as he humanly can.”

In the teaser for an upcoming episode of Rob and Chyna’s reality show, the 29-year-old allegedly doubts the chances of Blac’s child being his, consequently leading the former stripper to take a paternity test. That, along with the feuds Chyna has found herself in with the likes of Kylie and Khloe have all contributed to the couple’s chaotic relationship.

Again, Rob’s feelings haven’t changed as far as Blac Chyna is concerned. It was just weeks ago when a source alleged that the sock designer couldn’t wait to meet his baby, before adding that the couple won’t be wasting any time to try for their next child.

Rob’s mood as completely changed ever since he got together with Chyna as she makes him happy beyond belief and the Kardashian family knows this. Right now, though, his only focus will be welcoming his baby girl before he can even consider the idea of moving forward with a wedding.

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