‘Big Brother 18’ Schedule: The ‘BB18’ House Speeds Things Up, Season Finale Approaches

Big Brother 18 schedule adjustments begin on Tuesday night (September 13). The BB18 house has already evicted another contestant, meaning the final four has already been revealed to producers. This took place late Monday evening (September 12), with the intent to produce footage for several episodes. Even the CBS live feeds have been turned off to avoid many Big Brother 18 spoilers from hitting the internet before the television audience can catch up on what has transpired within the BB18 house.

The main website for the show has also begun heavy advertising for Big Brother: Over the Top, which will serve as the next installment of the series. This dictates that it is time to wrap up the summer 2016 season, with the $500,000 winner set to be decided on Wednesday, September 21. There are a lot of BB18 rumors on the internet, with several potential leaks suggesting that they know who got evicted from the final five. While that has not yet been confirmed, it certainly makes sense with what has already been known.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, many recent Big Brother 18 spoilers set the stage for who would be joining the BB18 jury this week. Corey Brooks won the Head of Household and nominated Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo for eviction. Everything after that will be depicted on the September 13 episode. What is known, though, is that Nicole Franzel won the Power of Veto and declined to use it. It meant that Paul and Victor remained on the block for the latest eviction ceremony.

So how will the upcoming Big Brother 18 schedule play out in order to make room for the NFL on CBS? The first step was to cancel Thursday and Sunday episodes, which wasn’t too difficult as there are only nine days left in the season. This week, there will be Tuesday and Friday episodes in their place, with each hour providing a lot of entertainment for CBS viewers. The BB18 house has to get down to its final three by the Friday episode (Sept. 16), where the first part of the final HOH competition will take place.

Remaining Big Brother 18 Schedule
Tuesday, September 13 (8 p.m. PT/ET)
Wednesday, September 14 (8 p.m. PT/ET)
Friday, September 16 (8 p.m. PT/ET)
Wednesday, September 21 (9:30 p.m. PT/ET)

Although host Julie Chen will be front and center for the September 13 episode, it has already been pre-taped with a studio audience. A lot could be revealed during the episode, including who became the seventh member of the BB18 jury and who won the latest HOH competition. Viewers could soon find out who holds the power over the final four houseguests and has guaranteed themselves a spot in the final three. That’s a big deal because this HOH winner can also compete in the final HOH competition of the summer.

Contestants know most of the Big Brother 18 schedule already, as producers have let them know when the 2016 season finale will air on CBS. Then, it’s only a matter of working out the math to predict when the evictions are going to take place. While the houseguests may act surprised when they learn that the final five eviction will be quickly followed by the final four eviction, it is something that has become very familiar to viewers of the program. It will all lead to the BB18 jury selecting who will win the $500,000 prize on the season finale.

The live feeds won’t get turned on again until after the Tuesday night episode has aired on the West Coast. That means the online viewers won’t learn about new Big Brother 18 spoilers until about 10 p.m. PT/1 a.m. ET. At that point, the BB18 house could appear to be very bare, with only four people left.

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