Meghan King Edmonds Pregnant: Was She Drinking Champagne During Her Pregnancy?

Meghan King Edmonds is pregnant with her first child, and she’s gone through painful IVF procedures to get pregnant. She has documented the whole thing on Instagram and shared snippets on The Real Housewives of Orange County. So when she finally found out she was pregnant, one can imagine that Meghan took the pregnancy very seriously. However, viewers appeared to be very critical of her, as they were calling her out for drinking alcohol on the show. As it turns out, Meghan wasn’t drinking alcohol; she was just getting creative with her choice of glasses.

According to a new tweet, Meghan King Edmonds is now revealing that she did not drink alcohol during her pregnancy. Instead of champagne, King Edmonds was drinking ginger ale, but rather than get the drink in a glass, she got it in a champagne glass. Just because she can’t drink alcohol doesn’t mean she can’t be classy.

“First 4 weeks of pregnancy is most important to not be drinking. Sick that you drank within first 2 weeks,” one person wrote to Meghan, attacking her for supposedly drinking alcohol after learning that she was expecting a baby, to which King Edmonds replied, “I haven’t had alcohol since the night before I got pregnant. It was lemonade sheesh #chill.”

Meghan supposedly drank so much ginger ale during her first trimester that she’s tired of it these days. But one person thought that King Edmonds should probably work on getting an endorsement deal from the company since she mentioned it plenty of times.

“For as many times as u have said it – u should be a paid spokeswoman for Canada Dry then maybe people will get the point,” one person revealed in support of Meghan, who was drinking ginger ale throughout the episode, to which King Edmonds added, “Lol! Now I can’t even drink it anymore Bc I had it so much in my nauseous first Tri – in champs glasses!”


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These days, Meghan King Edmonds has been working on getting her nursery ready for the baby to arrive. She’s been sharing pictures of the room, including her many paint colors that she’s choosing between, the lighting options and showcasing her round crib.

This week, King Edmonds revealed that they had installed a huge chandelier above the crib. While it did look beautiful, many people were worried about the baby’s safety, in case an earthquake hit the area. That chandelier would fall directly on the baby.

Meghan may be rethinking the location of the light fixture after hearing about people’s concern. She’s taken this pregnancy very seriously, and she’s excited about what the future will bring. Meghan King Edmonds‘ due date is in November, so she only has a little over two months left of this pregnancy before her baby girl arrives. And she opened up about her pregnancy news in her blog for Bravo.

“That phone call from my doctors was one of the best calls I’ve ever gotten! I was so thrilled to get the news that I was pregnant. Like I said in last week’s episode, I knew I was pregnant, but that moment made it feel so real! Even watching it back made me get teary because finally, after all of the shots, procedures and pain, I was officially pregnant and it was all worth it,” Meghan King Edmonds revealed in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County.

What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds defending her actions on social media? Do you really think that she is drinking alcohol during her pregnancy or do you think people are just assuming the worst about King Edmonds?

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