Lindsay Lohan Cell Phone Snatching Claims Mount

Lindsay Lohan’s alleged cell phone scuffle on Sunday was reportedly not the first time the Liz & Dick leading lady had issues with mobile devices. According to a Radar Online report, two separate sources claim LiLo yanked their cell phones from them as well.

One young woman claims she was at Sayer’s Club recently when Lohan became angry about all the cell phone photos being snapped.

The source had this to say about the encounter:

“Lindsay knew some of my friends, so we invited her to sit with us. My friends and I were taking pictures of each other, just goofing round and Lindsay thought for sure we were trying to get pictures of her drinking. She jumped up and grabbed my phone out of my hands. I was so shocked, and before I could ever realize what happened, Lindsay gabbed by friend’s phone too!”

The source also maintains that the actress with no shortage of legal troubles, demanded to see the photos which had been taken and started pilfering through the phones of the other women in the group. When the movie star realized that none of the mobile devices contained any images or videos of her, she allegedly chastised the group, noting that photos were not supposed to be taken inside the Sayer’s Club anyway.

A second source described a separate alleged Lohan cell phone incident at Boosty Bellows. She claims she was simply sending a text message when LiLo approached. The actress reportedly called security over to the table to go through the woman’s phone.

The Boosty Bellows source had this to say about the supposed altercation:

“All of a sudden Lindsay Lohan comes running up to me and rips the phone right out of my hand. She was like, ‘I know you’re trying to take pictures of me.’ When Lindsay saw there were no pictures of her, she didn’t even apologize.”

A statement from Lohan’s camp about the star’s alleged penchant for grabbing cell phones which do not belong to her offered more of an excuse than an apology. LiLo’s representative explained that we are living in a time when nearly everyone walks around with a camera, creating issues for famous people. Obviously there are privacy drawbacks to being a celebrity, but, if Radar Online sources are telling the truth, fear of being caught partying may be more of a concern than being photographed without makeup on the way to the corner store for smokes.

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