‘Suits’ Season 6 Spoilers: Mike And Rachel Wedding Finally Happening In Midseason Finale? [Promo]

Just like that the midseason finale for Suits Season 6, “P.S.L.,” is set to air on Wednesday, September 14. With Mike (Patrick J. Adams) out of prison, the next episode will bring the spotlight to Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Louis’ (Rick Hoffman) attempt to bring glory back to Pearson Specter Litt. “P.S.L.” also sees Jessica (Gina Torres) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) fight to save Leonard Bailey’s (Glenn Plummer) life.

With Mike out of prison in “The Hand That Feeds You,” several fans thought that that episode could have been the midseason finale of Suits Season 6. Patrick J. Adams, however, revealed that the coming episode will be just as exciting, if not more than the previous one. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Adams said that in typical Suits fashion, “the world will be inexorably changed” by the end of the episode.

Adams shared that Mike is just happy to get out of prison in time to see Rachel’s first case, the one that she has been working with Jessica for a long time. He also finds it interesting how the tables have turned this time around, with Mike in the backseat supporting his fiancé.

“It’s really about that; a reversal where he gets to be the one sitting in the courtroom watching her and helping her as he quietly readjusts to his life,” he said.

Mike and Rachel were supposed to get married in Season 5, just before he was supposed to enter prison. However, as they were shooting the episode, Adams recounted how Aaron Korsh, the creator of Suits, changed his mind at the last minute. They all agreed with him, thinking that the wedding episode should be “more dramatic and interesting.” Now that they have put the past behind them, Adams said that a wedding is definitely in Mike and Rachel’s future.

“But now that they’re back together, if nothing gets in the way I’d love to see what these two characters look like being married. I always think of Mike as a little kid sometimes so he’ll find some way to screw it up a little bit, but yeah — I don’t see anything standing in between them.”

The big question remains: Will Mike ever practice law again? Adams said that Season 6 will definitely be about Mike figuring out what his next step should be. When he resigned from Pearson Specter Litt, Mike was determined to start a different career, feeling he wasted his time working just for the upper 1 percent, helping rich people get even richer. Adams said that Mike now has to find a way to do good for people while at the same time making a living and start building a family with Rachel.

Suits has been renewed for its seventh, and possibly last, season. Adams told THR that he loved playing Mike Ross for six years but admitted that the seven-year itch is “alive and well.” As much as he enjoyed the series, Adams said that he did not want to overstay his welcome. In the end, he said that everything would depend on the story and Korsh’s creative direction. Although Suits could definitely end after Season 7, Adams shared that he is open to extending his contract if Korsh felt that the story could go on.

“I don’t want to fade out and have people stop watching before it ends. I believe in picking a strong ending. But it would all be about Aaron — he’s the guy I would take my cues from. We’re all living in his head. If he felt passionately about a direction for the show it could definitely be a discussion.”

Suits Season 6 airs Wednesdays on USA. Watch the promo for Episode 10, “P.S.L.,” below.

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