Liam Neeson Wears Pink Underwear For Charity Event [Video]

Liam Neeson, star of the upcoming action flick Taken 2, decided to strip down to a pair of revealing pink underwear during his recent appearance on Ellen Degeneres’ daytime chat show. According to the Irish Independent, the Batman Begins alum decided to do his part for breast cancer awareness month by removing most of his clothes on national television. For 60, I’d say the guy is looking pretty good.

After selecting a “shocking pink” speedo, the actor took the stage wearing a pink bathrobe. Once an audience member had been selected to throw pink balls at Liam Neeson while he sat inside a dunk tank, the actor removed the aforementioned robe and climbed inside. For every ball that hit the target, a large chunk of change would be donated to charity.

The original plan was for Neeson to get inside the “Gunk Tank” with his robe on. However, when the actor convinced DeGeneres to up the donations from $10,000 to $20,000 per ball, he dropped the robe and prepared for his time inside the booth.

When Liam Neeson mentioned that he would be willing to lose the speedo should the show decide to increase the donations to $20,000, DeGeneres, as always, was quick with a joke. “We get fined if you take those off. I mean, some people might enjoy it,” the host said.

The Sun reports that, once the Taken star was seated in the booth, he appeared to be completely nude, thanks to the skimpiness of his pink speedo and the position of his hands.

“Oh my god, if someone’s just tuning in you look naked in there,” the host quipped.

Liam Neeson, whose action flick Taken 2 is scheduled to arrive in theaters on October 5, revealed that this installment of the series would be the last.

“I don’t think so. No, I think we’re finished, that’s it. Mind you, I thought we were finished with the first one,” he said.

To see Liam Neeson don a pink speedo for charity on the Ellen DeGeneres show, take a peek at the video embedded below.

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