‘GMA’s’ Lara Spencer Makes Surprise Return To Morning Program After Hip Replacement

Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer made a surprise return to the morning program on Monday, September 12 after having a hip replacement. The 47-year-old co-host telephoned into GMA last week to update fans on her progress, but no one expected her to return right away. As one of the ABC medical correspondents recently said, hip replacements can take anywhere from three to six months for recovery.

People reports that Lara Spencer managed to be in good enough shape to return to work in just four weeks.

“I’ve missed you guys,” Lara said looking into the camera. “I am so happy to be back and these hips don’t lie baby.”

Spencer wore a black top hat and brought her favorite accessory: the bejeweled cane she’s relied on since the operation. She gave a farewell to the cane during the live broadcast.

Lara added that she’s now walking unassisted and feels great. The GMA co-host thanked all of her supporters who sent letters and words of encouragement. As a token of her appreciation, she’s offering her bedazzled cane to someone out there with who has a story to share about going through something similar. Spencer asked fans to tweet her their stories so she can pick who to pass the cane on to.

Spencer joked that although she’s not ready to wear heels but has them on for the “leg shots.”

Last month, Lara announced she was going to have hip surgery. The procedure was performed on August 13. She had suffered chronic pain in her right hip, and a doctor told her she needed to have it replaced. Although it’s typically an operation reserved for older people, it can happen to younger individuals.

Lara Spencer has always been a physically active person, so it’s not a shock she had a speedy recovery. Her physical stamina, combined with her age, is what helped her to heal so rapidly. Throughout her time in recovery, Lara shared her recovery journey on Instagram. She was seen riding bikes and working out in physical therapy.

“I’m up to almost a mile a day, Walking,” Spencer said last week. “At physical therapy I ride the bike and do loads of exercises… that has gotten to me really where I am today. I am so hopeful that I will be back with you guys before you know it.”

She didn’t say her return would be only a week later. Evidently, doctors gave her the all-clear to return to work and give her fans a pleasant surprise.

When Lara spoke with her fellow cast members on GMA last week, she also gave a big thanks to Robin Roberts for being there for her. She helped her laugh and take her mind off the pain immediately after the procedure was done.

“Robin, that day that we spent together was priceless,” Spencer said. “One of the main things about surgery like this… it’s a big deal. You’re fatigued… it consumes you. So, to have somebody that you love, come up and take your mind off the troubles and the pain and make you laugh for two hours is worth its weight in gold.”

Lara is ready to get back in the saddle and work alongside her co-hosts. She looks amazing and has done an incredible job staying fit after going through a serious operation. Surgery for something like hip replacement can put a damper on regaining physical ability, but Lara overcame that obstacle.

“Let’s just do it,” she said enthusiastically on the show Monday. “Let’s get back to work!”

Are you excited to see Lara Spencer back on GMA?

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