Shannon Beador’s House Sells While She Questions Vicki Gunvalson’s Injuries

Shannon Beador’s house sold rather fast after they received an offer while on the way to their second honeymoon. Shannon and her husband had tried to sell the home several times, but they had often lost the home at the last minute.

This time, they decided to act fast, and within weeks, they had to evacuate the home for the new owners. While Beador blamed her health on why she couldn’t go on the trip, she really did have a packed schedule ahead of her. However, she was surprised to learn that Vicki Gunvalson had been injured in a dune buggy accident.

According to a new Us Weekly report, Shannon Beador learned about the accident from Meghan King Edmonds, who simply relayed what had been told to her by Heather Dubrow and Kelly Dodd. But when Shannon and Meghan reached out to Vicki, the situation seemed less severe.

“It’s hard to gauge the severity of this accident when Heather and Kelly are laughing and popping a beer,” Shannon Beador reveals in a confessional interview after learning that Heather and Kelly hadn’t dropped everything to rush back to Orange County.

Beador and her husband hung out with Meghan King Edmonds and her husband, Jimmy, when they returned home from their honeymoon, as neither couple had an interest in going to Glamis for the dune buggy trip. But both Meghan and Beador were curious about what had really happened with Vicki, as both Heather and Kelly made it seem like it was very serious.

“I texted Vicki, and I said, ‘I just want to see if you’re OK.’ She said, ‘I’m hurt, and it was scary,’ and she sent a couple pictures,” Meghan tells Shannon, husband David Beador, and Meghan’s own husband, Jimmy Edmonds, during a dinner, to which Shannon replied, “Wait a minute — are you kidding me with this? So here she’s on the gurney, and someone snapped a picture of it, and she’s sharing that with you? Really? That’s just strange to me.”


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But Shannon Beador immediately started questioning her former friend’s injuries, as Gunvalson was sending selfies to her friends. If she was really numb and possibly paralyzed, one can imagine she wouldn’t be taking pictures of herself and sending them to her friends.

“If I’m real injured, and I’m in a helicopter, you’re not going to find me taking selfies of myself,” Shannon adds to the camera, clearly questioning how severe and serious Vicki’s injuries really are since she can take selfies and be on her phone.

Beador didn’t go visit Vicki in the hospital because she was busy with the sale of her home. Plus, they weren’t exactly on speaking terms. She would rather hang out with her friends than visit someone, who she felt betrayed by.

“We received an offer on our home right as we were taking off on the plane to Cabo San Lucas and after much deliberation on the trip, we decided to accept the offer right before we left to come home,” Shannon Beador revealed on her Bravo blog, adding, “That being said, the offer on our home was a short escrow which was quite stressful. I can be a procrastinator and I continually tried to reassure myself that somehow we could pack up a 13,500 square foot home, find somewhere else to live (with parameters that I now know seem a bit much!), and furnish it all within a two week period.”

What do you think of Shannon Beador’s decision to question Vicki Gunvalson’s injuries? Do you think she avoided visiting Vicki due to her home being sold?

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