Taylor Swift Conspiracy: Swift Accused Of Being Satanic Leader After Tom Hiddleston Split

Taylor Swift has found herself at the center of yet another bizarre conspiracy theory.

According to reports, Swift is embroiled in a pretty bizarre theory in which some fans are claiming that she’s either related to, or a clone of, a former leader of a satanic church.

Buzzfeed is reporting that the latest conspiracy theory hit fever pitch following Swift’s recent split from her boyfriend of three months, Tom Hiddleston, earlier this month, with a number of social media users claiming that Taylor bears a striking resemblance to former Church of Satan High Priestess Zeena LaVey.

According to the site, fans have been taking to Twitter to point out the similarities between the two and have even been speculating that Swift could somehow have descended from LaVey, who Buzzfeed reported was the high priestess of the satanic church for five years between 1985 and 1990.

“After spending my spare researching conspiracy theories, I am 100 percent sure that Taylor Swift is actually a clone of Zeena LaVey,” Twitter user @hernameiskelsey tweeted out as the conspiracy hit the headlines, while @NellyLeiLei wrote, “Ok guys it’s getting serious. Zeena LaVey and Swift, Are they related?”

“Why do I feel like the demonic [‘I Knew You Were Trouble’] verse from 1989 tour proves that Taylor is really a clone of Zeena Lavey, a satanic high priestess?” Twitter user @mahrgots tweeted out.

According to Metro, social media users were quick to develop some further pretty bizarre conspiracy theories surrounding the two’s striking similarities, despite the site reporting that Zeena is actually thought to still be alive and residing in Berlin.

The theories ranged from accusations suggesting that Taylor is a clone of Zeena to others accusing Swift of being LaVey is disguise.

The site reported that some social media fans claimed that Zeena used “dark magiks” to return to the spotlight under the pseudonym Taylor Swift, while others suggested that Taylor could actually be “the secret child” of LaVey.

Others alleged that Swift could actually be Zeena’s secret grandchild, while Twitter user @dolcelarents strangely claimed that Taylor is “a time travelling Satanist named Zeena LaVey.”

Another Twitter user even linked Swift and LaVey’s uncanny resemblance to the mysterious Illuminati group.

“Taylor Swift is actually an illuminati clone made from Zeena LaVeys DNA, a well known satanist from 1985,” Twitter user @dolcelarents speculated.


Taylor is yet to respond to the latest bizarre conspiracy theory linking her to the former satanic leader, but that didn’t stop fans from looking back on Swift’s back catalogue of hits in an attempt to uncover satanic symbols in her past music videos.

This is just the latest in a number of conspiracy theories to surround Taylor in recent months, hitting the headlines shortly after Swift was accused of dating former boyfriend Tom Hiddleston as part of an elaborate music video.

NME claimed prior to Tom and Taylor’s break up earlier this month that the two’s relationship was nothing more than a business arrangement, claiming that their slew of public appearances around the globe could actually be scenes for an upcoming music video.

The site speculated on a number of reasons as to why Hiddleston and Swift’s three-month romance was nothing more than a publicity stunt or music video, claiming in part that the photos and video of their frequent dates looked a lot like Taylor’s past videos.

“The Hiddleswift aesthetic is similar to [Swift’s] past music videos,” the site claimed back in July, before also noting that the majority of pictures of the two together came from the same photo agency and pointing out that the two actually appeared to be friends before their romance hit the headlines.

What do you think of the latest round of bizarre conspiracy theories swirling around Taylor Swift?

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