Jaden Smith: The Internet Kills Him Again, But He Doesn’t Care, He’s At A Fashion Show [Video]

Jaden Smith. Rumors of his death have been repeatedly and greatly exaggerated. Despite their cruel and persistent nature, Jaden Smith is alive and well and being the best Jaden Smith that Jaden Smith can be. Even though the Internet has killed the 18-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith at least three times this summer alone, Jaden Smith’s life and career refuse to buy into the rumors. The teen is still alive and kicking and his multi-faceted career is doing better than ever.

In fact, there have been some rumors that the repeatedly believed (but always unfounded) rumors that Jaden Smith is dead, perhaps by his own hand, Internet death hoaxes could possibly be traced back to Jaden Smith himself. You know, as a marketing ploy and career safety net. After all, most celebrities actually have to die to get the kind of career boost that Jaden Smith has gotten every month this summer.

Nope, Jaden Smith didn’t die on a train or in a box or in the rain. He’s still alive. He didn’t kill himself. That suicide video where he says his goodbyes? Not real. His dad’s movies delayed because the Smith family is in mourning? No. Jaden Smith’s suicide isn’t even compromising his parent’s marriage. Because he didn’t kill himself. Because he’s not dead.

The truth of the matter is that despite being declared dead, a casualty of teen suicide repeatedly over the summer of 2016, Jaden Smith is alive. He’s still kicking and still dating the beautiful and notorious Sarah Snyder (the reason for at least one of his debunked suicides). In fact, the gorgeous pair was spotted living it up surrounded by fashion just this weekend as rumors of Jaden Smith’s untimely death kept his name on every keyboard and pair of lips.

As Vogue reports, Jaden Smith and gal pal Sarah Snyder had front-row seats at Sunday’s Hood By Air show. In addition to being a camera magnet, the pair couldn’t seem to keep their hands off each other. Oh, and like so many times before, they played their own personal style of each other in a way that both matched and contrasted one another. Not bad for a dead guy and his girlfriend.


The Hood By Air fashion show was part of New York Fashion week and took place in the city on the 15th anniversary of September 11.

Not only did Jaden Smith rock his girlfriend (as his most high-profile and attention-grabbing accessory), he also sported a piece from his own clothing line, Msftsrep. See that “Clementine Records” shirt? While the Internet was busy killing Jaden Smith (or convincing the world he’d killed himself), he was designing it and cool, gender-bending stuff like it.

Yep, Jaden Smith has a lot more going on in his life than simply surviving Internet death hoaxes. His career and personal life are both in high gear. The non-stop death rumors have not only failed to kill the teen, they’ve failed to slow him down.

In fact, they may have given his career a bit of a boost, whether he and his PR team are somehow behind them or not. The Jaden Smith suicide hoaxes of 2016 have drawn attention to every project (and sudden movement) Jaden Smith has been involved in all summer. People who had never even heard of Jaden Smith before now know that the Internet keeps trying (and failing) to kill the kid.


In all likelihood, Jaden Smith will keep on keeping on. His fashion label, Msftsrep, is tailor made for the guy who wants to wear a skirt without judgement or the androgynous girl. Or anyone and everyone in between. Jaden Smith’s modeling career is utterly unique (he’s the first male face of Louis Vuitton’s women’s wear line), and made possible by his gender-bending style. He’s getting more involved in his music career, and Jaden Smith fans can’t wait until his new album is released in its entirety.

Jaden Smith is the king of social media, his face is popping up on magazine covers, he’s making cameos in music videos.

Jaden Smith’s acting career has taken off with a successful new series, The Get Down, streaming on Netflix. He’s got about a thousand more projects in the works, and (perhaps most importantly), he’s not dead. Jaden Smith is alive, he’s well. No matter how hard it tries, the Internet can’t kill Jaden Smith. At least not for long.

[Photo by Diane Bondareff/AP Photo]

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